““Bedrijven sneller laten groeien door hen te helpen om hun talent maximaal te ontwikkelen en te behouden”

— Team Learned

We started Learned in 2018 to solve a problem that we experienced as young professionals. Like more than 93% of all young professionals who leave their employer, we lacked insight into the growth and career opportunities at our employers.

Existing performance management processes, such as appraisal interviews, did not provide us with sufficient insight into relevant skills to be developed in order to improve our current position, or which internal career opportunities were ahead. As a result, we looked for our next challenge elsewhere.

That is why we have built a talent marketplace that uses the existing assessment process to map the skill set of employees and uses it to match employees with internal career opportunities.

With this we stimulate the development of new skills and we increase the retention of employees. In this way we help companies to remain future-proof.

For questions feel free to contact us at info@learned.io

The Learned team

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