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Growing businesses by building engaged and productive teams enabled to deliver the best results.

Talent experience platform

Our story

At an early stage in our career, we noticed that companies are missing out on opportunities to grow because employees are not empowered to do their best work. Goals are not being set, lack alignment with the purpose of the organisation, or are outdated by the time they are discussed. In addition, talented employees leave, because development and career paths remain undiscussed.

One of the main reasons is that companies often rely on a traditional conversation cycle. A fixed number of conversations that no longer correspond to a rapidly changing market and do not match the expectations of new generations in the labour market.

The Great Conversation Platform

This is why we have been working since the end of 2018 on the “Great Conversation platform”: a solution that allows companies to replace their traditional conversation cycle with a continuous dialogue.

Our belief is simple: conduct great conversations and let your business grow.

How we do this?

Learned offers the only platform that allows companies to easily conduct “great conversations” all year round. The platform offers a flexible solution that makes it possible to conduct a continuous dialogue that suits the organisation and to engage in ongoing conversations about, for example:

  • The engagement of your employees.
  • The goals of the employee and how he or she contributes to the organisation
  • The skills required for his or her role, the skill gap and how to bridge it in order to remain employable in a sustainable manner.
  • The possible next career move and how to get there.

By allowing companies to continuously conduct “great conversations” about goals, skills and career, we increase employee engagement by up to 280%.

Would you like to see how we put “the great conversation” into practice? Watch our video.

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