Why we have started a social network for personal development

We have started Learned in 2018 to solve an issue that we experienced as young professionals ourselves. Just like over ⅔ of all young professionals we did not know which skills were required to be successful in our current and future jobs. At the same time our employers struggled to support us in our wish to develop these skills resulting in demotivation and eventually us leaving.

However, the fact that so many of us experience this issue and so many employers struggle to support their workforce does make sense. The world around us is changing. As we are living in the Digital Age new technologies are created on a daily basis. New technologies require new skills, specifically digital skills.

Despite the fact that there are over 200 ‘Learning technology’ vendors out there, they did not provide the solution we were looking for. Mainly because we experienced that they did not help professionals to understand which skills are relevant for certain jobs and to inspire them how to develop these skills.

That is why we have come up with a new type of solution. We have built the first social network that is completely focussed on personal development.

We enable professionals to create a free lifelong personal development profile to discover relevant skills for any job you might find interesting and inspire you with skills that are being developed by your friends and colleagues. We provide the tools that help professionals to set goals and track progress throughout their entire career.

At the same time we want provide HR and managers with tools to save time in supporting employees to develop the right skills for reaching business goals.

In the end helping everyone to learn the skills to reach their full potential.

For questions feel free to contact us at info@learned.io

The Learned team


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Performance reviews

Save time for HR and managers. Design simple and meaningful performance reviews.


Enable all managers with the tools to plan and conduct meaningful coaching conversations.

Goal alignment

Communicate organisational objectives and break them down into employee goals.

Learning management

Automatically recommend learning resources to the right person at the right time.