New generation of career management software

Learned’s matching technology helps you discover, develop and deploy the talent of your employees in the right place in your organisation. Place your employees in the lead of their career and retain your employees longer.

Development plans

As an employee, match your profile with that of your position and grow

Career planning

As an employee, match your profile with internal roles and plan your ideal career. 

Succession planning and internal recruitment

Discover as HR internal candidates that you would not have found otherwise.


More Learned solutions

Performance management

Modernise your traditional performance management processes. Make your employees better, save valuable hours on administrative work and collect valuable data.

HR analytics

Measure, discover and analyse the skills and top performers of your organisation.

Reasons to work with us


Time saving

Modernise existing performance management processes and reduce the time spent with up to 28%.

Research by Learned



Upgrade your talent management to manage more meaningful coaching 1-1's and increase employee performance with up to 26%.

Gallup, 2016



Take the next step. Enable career perspectives and increase retention with up to 14%.

Gallup, 2017

The talent management platform

Thousands of professionals rely on Learned to organise their talent management.


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Renew your review cycle

Digitise feedback and renew your conversation cycle

Structure employee development

Structure employee development with powerful tools

Encourage career mobility

Match employees with internal career opportunities

Introduce skill management

Start with skill management and HR analytics


Practical E-books that enable anyone to successfully implement talentmanagement


Useful research and articles about talent management

About us

Background about our team and the mission of


360° Feedback

Digitise feedback and make feedback relevant

Conversation cycle

Renew your conversation cycle

Development plans

Next generation personal development plans


Align strategy with goals

Learning management

The learning experience

Talent marketplace

Match talent with internal opportunities

Skill management

Measure and develop future skills

Hr analytics

Discover and analyse talent