Coaching agencies

Make coaching scalable

Tools for feedback, goals, conversations and learning management that help coaching agencies to save time by digitising coaching programs and making them scalable.

Design professional coaching programs

Digitise existing coaching programs or create new ones. Include coaching conversations, learning content, the exchange of feedback and allow coachees to set goals.

Provide coachees with a personal development plan

Provide your coachees with their own personal development plan. Stop using ‘yet another tool’ and keep your coachees engaged. They take their profile with them throughout their career to reach their career goals.

Keep track of the progress of your coachees

Each coach has access to their coachees and track their progress on an easy to use coach dashboard. Send new learning content or assignments and view feedback reports.

Save time with automation

Plan all coaching programs in one simple module and say goodbye to administrative tasks. Save time to spend on high-quality coaching conversations.

Powerful features to modernise coaching programs

360° Feedback

Integrate 360° feedback rounds in your coaching program.


Design templates for coaching conversations and plan them via the platform.

Learning management

Distribute all the books, videos and materials you use in your programs.

You are in good company

Thousands of professionals rely on Learned to organise their personal development.


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Performance reviews

Save time for HR and managers. Design simple and meaningful performance reviews.


Enable all managers with the tools to plan and conduct meaningful coaching conversations.

Goal alignment

Communicate organisational objectives and break them down into employee goals.

Learning management

Automatically recommend learning resources to the right person at the right time.