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1:1 Conversations

Create a continuous dialogue with 1:1 Conversations

With 1:1 conversations, managers and employees have a shared environment to coordinate agendas, keep notes and determine next steps. Stimulate continuous dialogue through 1:1s and get more out of your conversations.  


Make 1:1s more productive

The 1:1 conversation module is a shared environment where managers, coaches and employees determine the agenda for their conversation, can keep notes and easily determine next steps together.

Stimuleer een continue dialoog met 1-1 gesprekken
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Track progress

Participants determine the agenda of their 1:1 meeting together. Talking points can easily be checked off during the conversation.
bepaal next steps en maak notities

Determine next steps and take notes

Look back to see whether the ‘to do’s’ from the previous conversation have been completed. Take notes for each point of discussion and determine new next steps.
bepaal de frequentie

Set the frequency

Make use of recurring conversations and plan, for example, a monthly coaching conversation or a weekly project meeting.

Set the agenda together

The module for 1:1s offers managers, coaches and employees a central place to jointly determine what will be discussed in the next 1:1. With one click, both parties can add talking points, such as the progress on a goal, a completed training or the feedback received from a colleague.
bepaal samen de agenda met learned
Manage remote teams

Put 1:1’s in your calendar with one click

To make things even easier, the 1:1 conversation syncs with your usual online calendar and the email invitation includes a link to navigate directly to that 1:1 conversation.

Keep the overview and get the insights you need

ontwerp templates voor inspiratie en structuur

Design templates for inspiration and structure

As HR, create conversation templates with constructive discussion points for, for example, development conversations or weekly 1:1s. In this way, facilitate your managers with tools for conducting better conversations.
uitgebreide rapportages en dashboarding_1-1_learned

Extensive reports and dashboarding

As HR you monitor the adoption of the 1:1 conversations within your organisation. This way you can easily check which teams are well on their way and which could use some help.
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