1-1 conversations

Conduct great conversations with 1-1 conversation rounds

Conduct great conversations with 1-1 conversation rounds. Organise frequent 1-1 conversations between the manager and employee. Discuss performance, development and career perspectives with powerful conversation templates.


Create your own conversation templates

Get rid of paper forms. Create digital conversation templates. Add your own discussion topics and use the latest review round or the status of goals as input.


Schedule a minimal amount of conversations

As HR, organise a certain amount of 1-1’s between the manager and employee. Allow managers to plan additional conversations according to their own insight.


Sign and approve conversations digitally

Save time and paper. Stop printing forms. The employee and coach can digitally sign the conversation report.


Monitor the progress

As an HR manager, monitor the progress of every conversation. Check whether the conversations are planned, completed and signed. ­


Schedule conversations with the calendar integration

After creating the conversation template, the employee and the coach receive a message to plan the conversation. With the plan module and calendar integration this is done within minutes.

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1-1 conversations

Conduct great conversations with 1-1 conversation rounds



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