Optimise your conversation cycle

Software to modernise and manage your annual HR conversation cycle. Gain insight into the quality of the 1-1 conversations between the manager and employee.

The talent management platform

Start with Learned and just like these organisations increase the performance and retention of your employees.

Set as HR a minimal structure for 1-1 conversations

As HR, lay the foundation for a qualitative HR conversation cycle between the manager and employee. Schedule a minimum number of mandatory conversations. The manager and employee complement this according to their own wishes.

A minimal structure for conversations

Plan your HR conversation cycle. Adjust this to your type of organisation. Schedule conversations for onboarding, performance reviews and for example career perspectives.

Complemented by managers and employees

With the Learned platform, managers and employees can also plan 1-1 conversations. Combine a mandatory minimal structure with optional conversations scheduled on own initiative.

Create your own conversation templates

Create your own conversations templates. Add talking points that you want to have discussed in the 1-1 conversation between the manager and employee.

The conversation template

Easily create conversation templates for individual employees, teams or the entire organisation.

Talking points

The conversation template becomes relevant by adding specific conversation topics, also called ‘talking points’.

Monitor the progress

As HR, monitor the progress of your conversation cycle. View per manager in one clear overview who has completed the conversations and who can use a push in the right direction.

All progress on one dashboard

For each created conversation template you can easily keep track of the status per conversation in one clear dashboard.

From dashboard to substantive report

From the dashboard you can click through to the feedback report per employee to view the content as well as the status..

Schedule conversations directly in your calendar

As a manager or employee, plan your conversation in Learned and synchronise your 1-1 conversation directly with your own calendar.

A smart template for qualitative 1-1 conversations

The planned talking points are loaded in a standard conversation template. This template has powerful functionalities. For example, employees and managers can directly determine and set up the next steps in the template.

The talking points

Employees and managers see the topics to be discussed and can respond directly to the various talking points.


Both the manager and the employee have access to a private notebook. Here both participants can keep track of all their notes.

Next steps

With the powerful sidebar you not only have insight into the status of the current goals, feedback and activities, but you can also immediately plan new goals and next steps.

The future of performance reviews at Learned.io | A concrete 4-step plan

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In these 4 steps you can replace the year-end interview with a modern HR conversation cycle

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The talent management platform

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