Performance reviews

Modernise feedback and appraisal processes

Eliminate old fashioned processes for performance reviews. Design personalised reviews to make them meaningful and digitise the way to ask feedback to remove the struggle of performance reviews.
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Design simple but powerful reviews

Use the powerful review module to design personalised review rounds for every employee.

Follow up with real-time feedback

Use real-time feedback to ask and give feedback on situations, goals or activities. All in your daily work routine.

Involve everyone in your feedback process

Ask feedback from peers, managers, coaches and external clients or partners.

Use feedback to discuss performance in depth

Schedule coaching conversations to discuss the latest performance reviews and received feedback and translate this into learning goals.

Powerful features to modernise performance reviews

Skill framework

Use the built-in Learned soft- and hard skill framework or add your own skills.

Role profiles

Design role profiles for your team to enable personalised review rounds and provide employees with insight in their required skills.

Automatic reminders

Stop wasting time chasing your team members. Let automatic reminders do this for you!

You are in good company

Thousands of professionals rely on Learned to organise their personal development.


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Performance reviews

Save time for HR and managers. Design simple and meaningful performance reviews.


Enable all managers with the tools to plan and conduct meaningful coaching conversations.

Goal alignment

Communicate organisational objectives and break them down into employee goals.

Learning management

Automatically recommend learning resources to the right person at the right time.