OKR goal software to translate strategy

Make your team more productive. Communicate organisational objectives. Make it clear how employees have an impact on the company results and their career.

The talent management platform

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Concrete goals with the help of ‘Key results’

The Learned goals module is based on the Google OKR’s framework. In Learned you make goals concrete by adding Key results. The progress of the goal is determined by the progress on the defined Key results.

Concrete OKR goals

Goals in Learned are based on the OKR’s framework from Google. This means that goals (Objectives) are made concrete and action-oriented by adding Key results.

Track progress

Every goal can be made concrete with Key results. Translate your desired end result into measurable intermediate steps. Keep track of the progress of your Key results and see the impact you make.

All goals in one overview

View the current status of the business goals per employee, per team or at the organisational level.

Goals per employee

Every employee has a dashboard with their business goals. These can be created by both the employee and the (HR) manager.

Coach dashboard

The manager sees the real-time status of the business goals of all employees in his team. The manager can also easily assign new goals.

Schedule 1-1 conversations to set and evaluate goals

The Learned goals module integrates seamlessly with the 1-1 conversation module. Plan 1-1’s between the manager and employee to discuss the goals of last quarter and to align on new goals.

Track progress

Within the conversation template both the manager and the employee have direct insight into the progress of the goals.

Set new goals

Set new goals immediately during the conversation without leaving the conversation template. The goals are automatically added to the employee’s dashboard.

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The talent management platform

Thousands of professionals rely on Learned to organise their talent management.


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