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Make expectations clear and transparent

Employees who do not know what is expected of them and how they contribute to the organisation become a thing of the past. Use the Goals module to set SMART goals for all departments, not just Sales.

Learning & Development Goals

(Talent) managers and employees together set challenging learning goals. Learning goals are made concrete by linking activities to them. For inspiration, you can browse directly through the range of relevant learning materials.

Business Goals

Make sure employees are aware of their business responsibilities. Set KPIs or business goals and increase employee engagement by making their progress insightful and transparent. Add concrete key results to make the goal actionable.

Discuss goals in 1-1 conversations

(Talent) managers easily discuss progress on goals during 1-1 conversations. During the conversation, both parties have space to document agreements and plan follow-up actions.

Check out the platform

Experience for yourself how you can create a better Talent experience with the Learned platform.

Performance management

Renew and digitise your performance management.

Remote teams

Help managers to keep their remote teams productive and engaged


Integrate effortlessly with the tools you already use

Career paths

Keep top performers challenged and prevent them from leaving.

Strategic skill management

Measure the skills of your workforce. Know if you are ready for the future.