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Design a modern HR cycle in 5 (effective) steps


Let’s get started! With a template of sample questions for
The Great Conversation
. In this e-guide, we will guide you towards a completely revamped HR cycle. We will help you arrive at The New Assessment for your organization and we will create an ongoing dialogue with you. We’ll give you pointers, tips and a variety of sample questions you can use to design a new interview cycle so you can focus on employees’ talents and continue to monitor performance and development.

In fact, implementing a modern interview cycle can lead to a 41% reduction in voluntary employee departures and increase employee engagement by as much as 280%.


Do you notice in the organization that:

    • too much time is spent keeping up with the interview cycle
    • employees do not always know what is expected of them
    • employees do not receive sufficient support to develop new (digital) skills.
    • there is high absenteeism or little attention to the sustainable
      employability of the employee
    • it is difficult to engage Millennials and Gen-Z?

Then it’s time to give your interview cycle an update!


This HR Cycle e-guide includes:

    • 10+ sample questions for surveys based on Gallup research
    • Short-term goals of the modern HR cycle
    • Sample form with the 32 most frequently asked questions in The Great Conversation
    • Practical tips for designing a modern HR cycle in 5 steps
    • Best practices for evaluating goals, skills and competencies