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A social network for personal development that enables your clients to save time by modernising their performance management. Become Learned certified, support your clients and earn up to 25% of the annual fee.

Help your clients and earn up to 25%

Help your clients by modernising their performance management processes. Become Learned certified for free, implement the Learned platform within the organisation and earn up to 25% of the annual fee. A win-win outcome for all.

What can you do with Learned?

Use powerful features to enrich your services 

Place employees in the lead of their development

Save valuable time for HR and managers by handing employees the tools to take control of their development.

Modernise feedback and appraisal processes

Design personalised reviews and digitise the way to ask feedback to remove the struggle of performance reviews.

Facilitate regular coaching conversations

Enable all managers to conduct meaningful coaching conversations with built-in or custom conversation templates.

Structure strategy alignment and goal setting

Break down organisational objectives into employee goals. Visualise employee contributions and set clear expectations.

Automate learning management

Gather all the learning resources in the organisation and facilitate automatic recommendations to the right person at the right time.

Create a professional onboarding experience

Build your own onboarding programs and get new employees up-to-speed within weeks rather than months.

How to get Learned certified for free?

Contact us and join our network of HR Partners. We will make you a Learned expert and keep you up-to-speed with our developments in quarterly sessions.

Our HR business partners

Together with our network of HR Partners we have achieved more in less time. We have acquired great new customers, developed relevant training material and organised several inspirational meetings.

You are in good company

Thousands of professionals rely on Learned to organise their talent management.


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Performance reviews

Set up personalised performance reviews for all your employees in minutes


Manage 1-1 coaching conversations at scale. From onboarding to goal setting.

Learning management

Build your learning library and automate learning management.

HR analytics

Discover your future leaders with analytics.

Goal alignment

Communicate organisational objectives and break them down into employee goals.

Skill passport

Measure the skills of your organisation

Talent marketplace

Match employees and internal opportunities.