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Employee happiness survey – 90 questions for measuring employee engagement


The job market is changing rapidly with increasing workloads and remote work. Traditional annual Employee happiness surveys are no longer appropriate. Many clients doubt Employee happiness survey effectiveness and seek affordable solutions. Our answer: Learned Engagement Model, based on science, with an employee satisfaction survey questionnaire. It measures engagement, improves retention and productivity. Available to all organizations.

The job market is changing very quickly. Both the young and older generation of employees must constantly develop to keep up with the market. Workloads are rising, people are working from home or remotely more often, and finding new talent can be enormously difficult in this heated job market. In short: we ask a lot of our people. Therefore, it is incredibly important that we continuously know how they are doing. A common method for finding out how your employees are doing is the employee happiness survey (Employee happiness survey). This is a comprehensive survey with many questions completed by employees. Often this survey is completed once a year or even less frequently, such as once every three or five years. At a time when everything is changing rapidly, the frequency of this research has not changed with it (to the new way of working).


The Learned Engagement Model.

We want to help our customers and other businesses! That’s why we developed the Learned Engagement Model. The model is based entirely on available scientific research.


This e-guide includes:

  • An Employee happiness survey (relevant to 2024);
  • The scientific background of the Learned Engagement Model;
  • How the Learned Engagement Model works;
  • What are the right questions to measure different variables;
  • How to easily measure engagement with Learned;
  • How to positively influence retention, eNPS, absenteeism and productivity.