Learned.io as one of the 50 most innovative start-ups in The Netherlands to the CES 2020!

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The Learned platform has been chosen by Techleap.nl as one of the most innovative starting companies in The Netherlands. This means that Learned will join 49 other organisations to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January 2020. For 4 days, Learned will show how, with the help of AI, more employees can make a career with their current employer.

Talent management reinvented

Self-conducted research at more than 500 companies concludes that a lack of employee retention is an increasing threat to the growth of a company. The combination between the scarcity on the labour market and the wish of the new generations (Generation Y and Z) for gaining new experiences makes the retention of employees increasingly challenging. An article from HBR (2016) even shows that in 93% of the cases that an employee takes a different job, this is at a different organisation. This while in more than two thirds of the cases the employee would have wanted to stay if there had been attention from the employer for the next internal career move.


Skill matching with the help of AI

The right guidance is therefore essential. But to be able to help an employee properly, it is useful to have insight into the knowledge, expertise and ambition of that employee. That’s where the Learned platform comes in. “We collect data from all employees based on skills, interests, education level and work experience. Then automatic matches are made with all internal career opportunities within your organisation. As a result, both employees, management and HR know which way to go next,” says Rick Kuijf, founder of Learned.


3 brothers on a mission

Learned was founded in early 2018 by Rick, Paul and Joost Kuijf. The idea behind the platform comes from personal experiences of the 3 brothers, who lacked insight into the career opportunities at their former employers. As a result, they accepted a job with a new employer while they would have wanted to stay.

Hence the goal of Learned to let employees build a career at their current employer by providing insight into the next steps and guiding people in the right way. A team of 8 people is currently working on the further development of the platform and more than 30 organisations are actively working with Learned.


Purpose of the visit to CESS

With the visit to CES, Learned hopes to gain knowledge and experience for a future move in The United States. In addition, the founders are looking for a new (international) investor who, together with the existing investors, wants to accelerate Learned’s growth.


The trade mission from Techleap.nl to CES 2020

Every year Techleap.nl organises a trade mission to the CES in Las Vegas in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the RVO. Over 182,000 visitors come together, of whom around 40% from all over the world. This makes the CES the event for innovation, product validation and building new collaborations for the future.

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