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Develop employees and keep their skill set up to date

Create a professional learning experience with personalised suggestions for learning activities, learning paths and an online learning library. In this way, not only stimulate the development of the current skill set, but also skills of the future.


A new learning experience focused on career growth

Give employees insight into the skills to be developed for their current role or their ambition. Connect skills with the relevant learning resources from your library. Encourage employees to close their skill gap.

een nieuwe leerervaring gericht op carrieregroei

Create structured learning paths

Create learning paths that guide employees through a fully customisable journey. Learning paths help employees to develop, from for example medior to senior, to make a transfer to another department or to complete a full onboarding process. Create and assign as many paths as your organisation needs to employees.
creeer gestructureerde leerpaden
learned maak je eigen leerbibliotheek

Create your own learning library

Create your own learning library and give your employees access to the best learning materials, all in one environment. Collect all your internal materials or even add third-party learning resources. Build your library using your own categories. Make use of documents, videos, articles, courses and more.

Make learning part of the flow of work

bespreek leren in 1-1's

Discuss learning in 1:1's

Add planned or completed learning activities as a talking point for your next 1:1. Keep the focus on learning by regularly discussing progress.
Ontvang notificaties learned

Receive notifications

Managers (coaches) automatically receive a notification when one of their team members has completed a learning activity.
behoud het overzicht learned

Keep the overview

Coaches can see at a glance which learning activities are being done or have already been completed by their team members.

Powerful reporting and dashboarding

With the clear reports you can monitor the progress of the learning activities per team over time. Easily see who is already well on the way or who still needs a push in the right direction. Easily check the amount of participations in a learning path or learning resource, the progress and how the employees experienced the content. Use the built-in dashboarding or download the data to CSV.
krachtige rapportages en dashboarding learned
Eguides & Blogs

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The platform
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Reviews, 1:1 conversations, Goals (OKRs) and Feedback
Career Framework
Career pathing, Skill gaps, Skill Matrix and Skill analyses.
Learning tracks, Learning library, Recommendations and analytics.
Learned integraties
Effortlessly integrate with the tools you already use