A new way to coach employees
on performance and development.

Set goals. Give feedback. Plan evaluations.
Work in short periods. With your own development profile.

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Start like these companies and let your employees perform better.

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The platform

Make continuous development easy with Learned.io

The functionalities of the platform help managers set goals, exchange feedback and evaluate frequently. Transform easily from an annual appraisal interview to continuous development.

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Of alle employees don't see any effect of an annual appraisal interview on their daily activities (Gallup 2017).

Your own profile

Develop your employees but also yourself

With Learned.io, everyone can start with working on their own performance and development. Learned.io works as a social platform. Everyone has their own development profile and keeps this throughout their careers. Track goals, learnings and feedback. Share it with friends and colleagues.


Our method

Every manager can coach his employees

By splitting the year in short periods, Learned.io helps managers to discuss their team's development more often. Raise the standard of evaluation interviews by having all the necessary information at hand.


Of the employees who voluntarily quit their job gave as the main reason: "the quality and the relationship with their manager" (Gallup 2017).