Experience the power of internal mobility

Retain talent by offering career prospects and quickly fill projects or vacancies with internal candidates.

The best service providers and secondment workers rely on Learned

Find the right candidate quickly

Powerful search functions to quickly find the right employee for a position or a new project. Search the skill passport of your employees for skills, work experience, education and certificates. In addition, include the defined ambitions of your employees in your decision.

Provide employees with insight into the job requirements

Encourage personal development by giving employees insight into the skills required for the next steps that they find interesting. Development becomes easier than ever by directly recommending learning materials based on the profile of the employee and the job requirements..

Help your colleagues find each other

Give employees the opportunity to search for colleagues who can help them with a project. Find colleagues based on experience and skills. Employees achieve more together.

The ‘skill passport’

With Learned, every employee has a passport in which his or her skills are automatically updated based on work experience, received feedback and completed learning activities.

Match employees with relevant positions

Retain your talented employees and prevent them from leaving due to a lack of career prospects. Match employees with the available positions, roles and projects within your company and show them the possibilities.

Customer experiences

Learned helps us to record conversations where all parties involved can easily access the data. In addition, I can now offer our learning material to all employees in a structured manner.
Maaike – L&D Compagnon

Learned puts employees in charge of their own development process. This fits well with our way of working as a self-managing organisation.
Leonie – Fronteer

Learned helps us develop digital skills and offers the possibility to easily digitise processes for conversations and the exchange of feedback.
Dennis – CEO Marviq

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Renew your performance management

Digitise and get more out of your performance management cycle in less time. Renew your process and talk to each other more often per year.

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Insight into the skills of your workforce

Go beyond performance management. Gain insight into the skills of your workforce. Measure whether you are ready for the future.

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Performance management

Renew and digitise your performance management.


Measure and manage the skills of your workforce


Experience the power of internal mobility. Find the right internal candidate for the role or project. 


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