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Make career and growth paths transparent

Prevent talented employees from leaving due to a lack of challenge and career prospects. Create a growth culture by providing insight into career and growth paths within the organisation.

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Retaining talent is cheaper than attracting new talent

More and more organisations are realising that finding a quality employee costs more time and money than retaining one. Some of the main reasons for top performers to leave early are lack of onboarding, lack of growth opportunities, or lack of career prospects. 

77% of employees were willing to stay longer if more had been invested in their career.

More than enough reasons for a new approach. Improve the talent experience with technology that not only professionalises and accelerates the onboarding of the employee, but also automatically makes suggestions for development and career opportunities based on the employee’s profile and position. The employee in the lead of his career, that is the future.

Professionalise onboarding and facilitate career and growth paths

A moderate onboarding and one annual meeting about development and career is no longer sufficient. Learned.io is a user-friendly platform that helps companies create professional growth and career paths. View the functionalities below that help you with this.

Make growth paths transparent

Professionalise your range of learning resources and structure them in learning paths to develop specific skills, digitise traineeships or to provide insight into a trajectory to achieve a certain position. In this way, you not only increase the use of your learning resources but also bind your employees to your organisation.

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Manage remote teams

Encourage internal mobility with career paths

Prevent employees from leaving for a new challenge. Offer that new challenge yourself. Make the internal career paths transparent, show which skills are required for the next step and stimulate the internal mobility of employees. This way you retain top performers and stimulate development.

Quickly find the right candidate for a project or position

Finding an employee with the necessary skills is a time-consuming job. Stop with Excel sheets or searching by feeling. Improve speed and objectivity in finding the right candidate. Use the extensive search function and quickly find the employee with the necessary skills for your project or position.

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Manage remote teams

Professionalise onboarding programs

Onboarding new employees is time-consuming and is often done insufficiently due to busy schedules. As a result, employees leave prematurely. Professionalise your onboarding program. Digitise the relevant content and schedule introductory and trial period interviews. Improve the first impression for your new colleague.

How Q Backoffice provides insight into growth opportunities with Learned

“We have already achieved great results in a short time. A lot of feedback is exchanged and employees are becoming increasingly aware of what they want to develop further in the coming year,” says Melissa.
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