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Learned’s methodology for objective performance management


Over the past 5 years, we have combined scientific research, the capabilities of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the experiences of our HR professionals into Learned’s methodology for objective performance management model. Using this model, we have already guided more than 200 companies to make the transition from gut feeling to data-driven performance management in 5 steps. Allowing every organization to get the most out of their workforce and retain talent based on data.

After all, just the manager’s gut feeling can lead to biased decisions in performance management. This, for example, in evaluations, promotions, and rewards. As a result, organizations fail to utilize the maximum potential of their employees and staff leave early. This poses an increasing challenge in a labor market where talent is increasingly scarce and expensive.

Therefore, make the most of your talent and keep them engaged. Go from gut feeling to data-driven talent management in 5 steps.