The first smart personal development plan (PDP)

As an employee, match your profile with that of your current role. Gain insight into your performance and skills that need to be developed. Create your personal development plan (PDP).

The talent management platform

Start with Learned and just like these organisations increase the performance and retention of your employees.

Match your profile with your current role

As an employee you finally have insight into what is expected in your current role and how you are doing. One overview on how you think you are doing compared to the opinion of your peers and manager.

Your own opinion

See in one overview how you as an employee think you are doing in your current role.

The opinion of peers and your coach

All your feedback from peers, partners, clients and that of your manager in one key figure. Complete insight into how you are doing.

Detailed insight into the relevant skills for your role

Give employees insight into which soft and hard skills are required for their current role. Missing skills are concrete input for the employee’s personal development plan (PDP).

Soft skills

As an employee, compare the required soft skills for your current role with the skills that are requested.

Hard skills

View as an employee whether you have all the necessary hard skills that are relevant for your role.

Work experience and education

You also see what the required work experience and education level is for your current role.

An action-oriented personal development plan (PDP)

Translate the insights from the matching directly into specific development goals. The learning suggestions for books, videos and training help you to make goals action-oriented. Store your daily insights in your personal notebook.

Concrete development goals

As an employee, set specific development goals for skills that you want to develop further.

Learning suggestions

As an employee, make use of the personal recommendations for books, videos and training from your employer and the Learned library to make your goals action-oriented.


As an employee, keep a record of all your daily insights or questions you want to discuss in your personal notebook.

Reflect and ask for feedback

Give employees the tools to take initiative to reflect on their performance in their current role outside of formal feedback rounds. Let them ask for feedback to map their performance


As an employee reflect on your performance in your current role. Discover soft and hard skills that need to be developed. Reflecting is easy with the Learned feedback module.

Ask for feedback based on your role

Give employees the opportunity to easily request feedback from colleagues or their manager based on their current role profile.

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The road to strategic talent management | The 4 maturity phases of your HR department

View the 4 maturity phases of your HR department and see how you can make your employees perform better and retain them longer with talent management.

Trends & Developments

The latest developments in the field of personal development and everything that comes with it. We collect trends and summarise them in short blogs with practical tools.

Use the collected data as input

All the received feedback is merged into the skill passport of the user and your organisation. This way you measure which skills are present and which can still be developed.

Skill passport

Employees collect all received feedback. This feedback is used to display their level per skill.

Skill management

All the skills of your organisation in one overview. See the average level of the skills and how many people in the organisation actually have this skill.

The talent management platform

Thousands of professionals rely on Learned to organise their talent management.


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