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Your own profile

Insight into progress for everyone

Stop using incoherent e-mails, development plans or tools. With everyone works with their own development profile. The employee takes this profile from employer to employer. As a company you can see which skills there are within your organization.

Sprint board

Follow up on goals with concrete activities

The employee can see all the necessary activities to achieve a goal as well as the planned feedback rounds in one overview, the sprint board. For managers, progress can be seen at a glance.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles


Make company trainings. Ideal for onboarding, for example

Create your own training programs. For example, combine all activities for new employees in an onboarding program. Track the progress and measure the quality of the program.


360° feedback as input for development

Feedback is not an end in itself. Insight does not automatically lead to improvement. That is why helps translate received feedback into development goals. In this way the employee is encouraged to take action and actually develop new skills.

Los Angeles

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