#1 social network for personal development

Build your free skill passport to discover the skills required for your next role, get inspired by seeing what your friends are learning and set goals to land your next job.
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Discover the skills you need

Gain insight into the skills that you need to excel in your current job and discover the skills required to land your next step (beta).

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See what your friends are learning

Get inspired by seeing the learning activity of your friends and colleagues. Use the same videos, books or courses to reach your learning goals. (beta)

Keep track of all your goals

Set actionable goals to learn a new skill or keep track of all your business objectives. Use the personal recommendations for books, videos and courses to get started.

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Ask feedback to discover your strengths

Ask peers, managers or clients for valuable feedback on your performance. Keep track of all your feedback over time in your lifelong profile.

Join thousands of professionals

Experience a new way to work on personal development and land your next job.

Learned for business

A social network for personal development with tools that help HR and managers to save time in supporting employees to develop the right skills for reaching business goals.

Learned for coaching agencies

Tools that help coaching agencies to save time by digitising coaching programs and making them scalable.


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