Read here why Learned.io has been invited for The Next Web – Future of Work. 

On the 9th and 10th of May one of the biggest technology events of World will take place: The Next Web. Learned.io has been selected by Heidrick & Struggles to be part of Future of Work track. One of the main topics of this track is: “Thriving as an individual”.


Thriving as an individual?

Modular careers are the new standard. But are these modular careers affecting individuals to be future proof, by reducing their ability to pursue lifelong goals and their capability to learn new skills? And if so, how can we adapt?


The new professional network

Learned helps with a new professional network that helps individuals to discover, learn and share new skills. By following courses, asking feedback and completing goals Learned.io facilitates every individual to create and build their own skill passport. In this way you never stop learning and be future proof throughout your entire career.


Breakthrough for businesses 

The Learned network takes Talent Enablement to the Next level. Employees will work in their own profile, building their own skill passport. Because employees can show with their own skill paspoort that they are future proof they will be more motivated then ever to work on their own development. For companies this skill passport is also really interesting! It will lead to comprehensive data about how their talent is evolving and how they can also be future proof in this digital era.


How does this work for businesses?

Learned is designed to easily structure and automate continuous performance management processes such as coaching one-on-one’s, goal setting interviews, performance reviews and learning management. In this way every HR professional can automate and structure their Performance Management in minutes. Join us in the 21st century and say goodbye to Word and Excel!


Want to know more?

Performance reviews

Set up personalised performance reviews for all your employees in minutes


Manage 1-1 coaching conversations at scale. From onboarding to goal setting.

Learning management

Build your learning library and automate learning management.

HR analytics

Discover your future leaders with analytics.

Goal alignment

Communicate organisational objectives and break them down into employee goals.

Skill passport

Measure the skills of your organisation

Talent marketplace

Match employees and internal opportunities.