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360° Feedback & Reviews

Say goodbye to traditional reviews. Start with ‘The Great Conversation’.

With reviews on goals and skills, 360° feedback, feedback from external parties, automatic reminders and a calendar integration, every conversation becomes a ‘great conversation’.

360 Feedback & Evaluaties

Make every conversation a ‘great conversation’

Unlike traditional reviews, Learned’s Great Conversation module allows you to create honest review and development conversations with a focus on goals, skill development and career growth. This creates a complete picture of the performance and development potential of the employee.

Het goede gesprek

Design ‘The Great Conversation’

With Learned you can focus on goals, skill development and career growth. The module for ‘The Great Conversation’ works seamlessly with all other functionalities in the platform. This way, the conversation is fully personalised per employee.

Evalueer & Plan doelen en bespreek voortgang

Review & schedule goals (OKR's)

Review and discuss the progress of the employee’s business and/or learning goals. Use the progress and feedback obtained to arrive at a fair review.
Feedback op competenties, kernwaarden en skills met Learned

Feedback on competencies, core values and skills

Evaluate employees based on the skills relevant to their position. Give employees insight into their personal skill gap and use this as input for further development.
Bespreek carriere ambities

Discuss ambitions

Compare the skills of the employee with the skills required for an ambition. See if someone is ready for his next step and which skills can be further developed.
Maak je eigen templates met geavanceerde template bouwer

Create your own templates

With the advanced template builder you design models for reviews that suit your organisation. Choose open-ended questions or questions with an adjustable rating scale.

Use 360° feedback for better insights

Managers aren’t the only ones with valuable insights into employee performance. For an objective picture of a person’s performance and development, employees can ask for feedback from colleagues or from external clients via the email integration.
Maak je eigen templates

Keep the overview and get the insights you need

Ontwerp de perfecte gesprekscyclus

Design the perfect conversation cycle

Design the cycle that suits your organisation. Choose the type of review, determine the timeline and set up the emails. Use the dashboard to gain immediate insight into the requested colleagues, the status of the evaluations and the planned conversations. Easily make changes or send reminders if needed.
Uitgebreide rapportages en dashboarding - performance_learned

Extensive reports and dashboarding

Use the reviews to map the performance, potential and skill coverage of your teams. View the KPIs per review, filter by team, or view the development over time. Use the dashboards in Learned or export the data to CSV and create your own reports.

A digital Role library and Skill Matrix

Create a digital role library and career paths. Start with the free Learned Skill Matrix with 38 soft skills on 5 levels or design your own role library and skill matrix.


digitaal functiehuis en skillmatrix

Digital role library

Unique in the market. Digitise your job classification system and link competencies, skills and core values to every position. In this way, every employee has a personalised review.

Skill Framework

Use the free Learned Skill Framework of 38 soft skills or design your own skill set. Create categories for competencies, skills, core values and more.

Skill Levels

With example behaviors for each skill level, it is clear to employees what the expected behavior or the required knowledge is for a certain skill level.
Manage remote teams

Employees also write reviews on the go

To make writing reviews even more accessible, we have developed the Learned mobile app. For example, employees and managers also write reviews while they are on the road.
Eguides & Blogs

Learn more about ‘Great Conversations’

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Develop your people. Grow your business.

Learn why Great Places to Work are using Learned.io to create a modern performance management and conversation cycle.

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The platform
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Career Framework
Career pathing, Skill gaps, Skill Matrix and Skill analyses.
Learning tracks, Learning library, Recommendations and analytics.
Learned integraties
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