Skill development

Stimulate the development of future skills

Employees develop the skills they need for their next step with personalised recommendations for books, videos and training from your own company Academy.


Build your own Academy

Collect the learning resources available within your organisation in 1 Academy. Make them easy to find and increase usage.


Integrate with e-learning providers

Expand your offering of learning resources by adding the collections of e-learning providers to your Academy.


Employees receive personalised suggestions

When setting a learning goal, employees have access to personalised recommendations for videos, books and courses from the Academy.


Insight into the skills of your organisation

View in one overview which skills are present within your organisation. Analyse who possesses which skill and who are the most experienced employees in this area.

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Talent marketplace

Match employees with career opportunities

Skill development

Stimulate the development of future skills

Feedback and appraisal

Make your review process future-proof

1-1 conversations

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