Skill and competency management

Powerful software to gain insight into the skills and competencies of your employees, teams and organisation.

The talent management platform

Start with Learned and just like these organisations increase the performance and retention of your employees.

Map out the skills of your organisation

View the skills of all employees in one dashboard. Analyse the average level and determine how many employees have the skill. Adjust development plans to employee needs.

The average skill level

See the average level per skill. Discover which skills are missing and where the strength of your organisation lies.

The distribution of skills

In one overview you can see how certain skills are distributed within your organisation. Analyse the risks and prepare strategic development plans.

Discover the employees with the skills you are looking for

Combine the skills you are looking for in a role profile and discover all suitable internal candidates, or view per skill which employees are already experienced. Quickly put together the right project team.

Top performers per skill

View per skill which employees have the most experience.

Candidates for a collection of skills

Are you looking for a specific employee profile? Make a collection of skills and discover candidates that match your profile.

What an HR Tech startup experiences in 1 year

Learned on 2019: rapid growth, constant innovation and, last but not least, a ticket to the world’s largest tech convention, the CES in Las Vegas!

The road to strategic talent management | The 4 maturity phases of your HR department

View the 4 maturity phases of your HR department and see how you can make your employees perform better and retain them longer with talent management.

Trends & Developments

The latest developments in the field of personal development and everything that comes with it. We collect trends and summarize them in short blogs with practical tools.

Give employees insight into their talent and skills that need to be developed

Provide employees with a personal skill passport. This gives them real-time insight into their skill set. For each skill they see all the feedback they have received and all development activities that they have completed.

Skill passport

Employees collect all received feedback. This feedback is used to display their level per skill.

Development history

Employees see on their personal timeline all the feedback they have received over time and all the books, videos or for example training that they have completed.

The talent management platform

Thousands of professionals rely on Learned to organise their talent management.


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