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A lack of insight into the skills and sustainable employability of your workforce threatens the successful realisation of your business strategy now and in the future. Start with strategic workforce planning and make your organisation future-proof.

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To remain successful as an organisation in the long term, you need the right people with the right skills. The digital revolution will make this more challenging in the coming years. It is becoming increasingly difficult to define the required skills and ensure their availability.

By 2022, more than half of our total workforce will require further training (WEF 2020).

New developments in the field of data technology and Artificial Intelligence offer new opportunities for companies to map the skills of their workforce. These insights are powerful input for the People Buy, Build, Borrow strategy. As HR, you guarantee that you also have the right people and skills to realise the business strategy in the long term.

Future-proof your organisation

Stop hiring and training based on feeling. Start using data. is a user-friendly platform that helps companies with strategic workforce management. View the functionalities below that help you with this.

Map the skill gap of your organisation

Use AI technology to gain insight into your workforce skills. Discover which skills are already sufficiently available and which skills are missing to realise your business strategy. Make detailed analyses of the skill gap at team, function or skill level.  

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Manage remote teams

Give employees insight into their sustainable employability

Awareness is the first step in change. Make employees aware of their sustainable employability by giving them insight into the skills required for their current position and possible follow-up steps. Link their skill gap to the available learning resources and encourage action.

Translate skill insights into L&D, internal mobility and recruitment

Translate the insights from the skill gap analyses into a learning and development strategy. Or choose to attract missing skills by recruiting employees for your organisation. Insight into the skill gap of your organisation is the starting point for a strategic HR policy.

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Learned Performance management

Use skill assessments to keep skill insights up to date

Automatically map skills by analysing the employee’s CV. Keep skill sets up to date by conducting skill assessments once or more times a year. Use the manager’s assessment to validate skills. Measure during the year whether the skill gap of your organisation is getting smaller.

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