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Career Framework

Set up a career development framework

Create a career framework and skill matrix as a basis for development and career paths. Give employees insight into their skill gap, development opportunities and offer career prospects. Stimulate growth and retain top performers in your organisation.


Give employees insight into their skill gap and career prospects

Prevent top performers from leaving due to lack of attention to their development and career prospects.

Learned Framework carriere ontwikkeling

Career framework

Lack of attention to personal development and career prospects is a thing of the past with Learned. Employees can now actively work towards their ambition and personal growth within the organisation step by step. Together with the coach, a learning path can be drawn up or individual activities can be completed on your own initiative.

carriereframework - skill gaps

Skill gaps

Give employees insight into their skill gap with their current position and any ambitions. Compare the feedback received with the required skill level. Stimulate employees to further develop their ‘weak’ skills or missing skills.

Career path

Help employees find their next internal role with recommendations. Give employees insight into when they are ‘ready’. Show which of the necessary skills they already have and which can still be developed.

Personalised learning recommendations

Stimulate employees to close their skill gap and (further) develop missing skills by providing them with the available learning offer from the library. Completely personalised at the right time.
Learned - gepersonaliseerd leren
verbind evaluaties en carriereplanning met learned

Connect reviews and career planning

Use the skill reviews as input for career planning, skill gaps and learning suggestions. Employees see which skills they can develop to progress.

A digital Role Library and Skill Matrix

Create a digital role library and skill matrix as a basis for reviews, development and career paths. Start with the free Learned Skill Matrix with 38 soft skills on 5 levels or design your own role library and skill matrix.


digitaal functiehuis en skillmatrix

Role library

Unique proposition. Digitise your role library and link competencies, skills and core values to every position. In this way, every employee has a personalised review.

Skill Framework

Use the free Learned Skill Framework of 38 soft skills or design your own skill set. Create categories for competencies, skills, core values and more.

Skill Levels

With example behaviors for each skill level, it is clear to employees what the expected behavior or the required knowledge is for a certain skill level.

Keep the overview and get the insights you need

vind de medewerker met de juiste skills-learned

Find the employee with the right skills

Looking for employees with specific competencies or skills? Thanks to the extensive search engine, you will find the perfect employee for a specific project or function in no time.

Extensive reports and dashboarding

Insight into the skill gap of your organisation is the starting point for a strategic HR policy. Translate the insights from the skill gap analysis into a learning and development strategy, or choose to attract missing skills by recruiting employees.
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