The talent management platform

Start with the basics and modernise your performance management. Then gradually expand your talent management with our career management software and talent matching technology.

Performance management

Start with personalised feedback rounds

Say goodbye to standard questionnaires. Create personalised 360° feedback rounds based on the employee’s role profile.

The Learning experience

Build your learning library and use the recommendation module to automatically recommend employees relevant learning resources.

Optimise your 1-1 conversation cycle

Software to modernise and manage your annual HR conversation cycle.

Translate the strategy into goals

Communicate organisational objectives. Make it clear how employees have an impact on the company results and their career.

Career management

Introduce innovative development plans

As an employee, match your profile with that of your current role. Gain insight into your performance and skills that need to be developed.

Encourage career planning

Employees match their profile with interesting internal roles and map out their ideal career.

Build an internal talent marketplace

Retaining talent is the new way of recruiting. Discover suitable candidates that you would not have found otherwise.


Measure the skills of your organisation

Powerful software to gain insight into the competencies and skills of your employees, teams and organisation.

The revolution of HR analytics

Discover your future leaders and find people with the skills you need. Use data to make strategic HR decisions.

The talent management platform

Thousands of professionals rely on Learned to organise their talent management.


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Development plans

Match and grow

Career planning

Match and plan

Talent marketplace

Discover internal candidates


Personalised reviews

1 - 1 meetings

Manage 1-1 conversations

Goal alignment

Align strategy and goals

Learning management

The learning experience


Skill management

Strategic development

Hr analytics

Discover skills and talent