An internal talent marketplace

Matching technology to find the right employee internally for every role in your organisation.

The talent management platform

Start with Learned and just like these organisations increase the performance and retention of your employees.

Give employees insight into their internal career prospects

With Learned, your employees are personally linked to internal career opportunities. Both horizontal and vertical progression. Employees see exactly what is required for the next step. 

Grow internally

Employees have insight into their internal career prospects. For each role, employees see what is required. The matching module shows roles that may be of interest to them. Both horizontal and vertical steps are shown.

Insight into what is required

Roles are compared with the profile of the employee. This way, the employee immediately has insight into what is required for a role. Employees see the required soft and hard skills as well as the required level of education and work experience.

Quickly find a suitable internal candidate

Whether you are looking for someone for a new role or have a vacancy for an existing role, with Learned you can immediately see if there is a suitable internal candidate.

For a new position

Create a new role as HR in the Learned platform and immediately see which employee(s) might be suitable for the position.

New vacancy for an existing role

Is someone moving up or moving out? Easily see which of your employees are ready to grow internally and fill this vacancy.

Inform candidates about a new vacancy

Automatically notify employees who have liked a role if a new vacancy opens up.

The future of performance reviews at | A concrete 4-step plan

Learned replaces the performance reviews by exchanging 360° feedback on relevant skills for the employee’s role profile. Read here why this works for you.

In these 4 steps you can replace the year-end interview with a modern HR conversation cycle

Although opinions about the use of the year-end interview are divided, many HR managers are looking for a new approach. But replacing the year-end interview is easier said than done. In this article we give you practical tips on how you can tackle this.

Trends & Developments

The latest developments in the field of personal development and everything that comes with it. We collect trends and summarise them in short blogs with practical tools.

Plan a successor before it is needed

Start with succession planning and plan potential internal successors before a vacancy arises. The matching technology makes it easy to build a talent pool per role.

Talent pool

Make a list of potential successors per role. View per candidate whether they are interested in the role or are actively working on a development plan for the role. Match their skill set with that required for the role.

Find candidates

Scroll through the list of potential suitable candidates. View their match with the role. If you think they are suitable, like them and add them to your talent pool.

Help people develop towards a future role

Employees who indicate that they are interested in a role are given the opportunity to draw up a career plan. This plan gives employees the structure to develop the required skills and realise their ambition.

Create your own role library as HR

Compile all internal roles as HR. Add a job description, relevant education level, work experience and the necessary soft and hard skills. Fully adapt Learned to your organisation.

Create your own role library

Add all role profiles that are relevant for you to your own role library. Employees are matched and you can set up personalised feedback rounds based on these role profiles.

Compile the role profiles

You can complement a role profile with a description, image, the required education level and work experience. You can also add all relevant soft and hard skills.

The talent management platform

Thousands of professionals rely on Learned to organise their talent management.


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