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The year 2019 for Learned.io and the road to the CES

While 2020 is already well underway we decided it is also a good time to look back at last year. It may sound like a cliché, but having a startup really is falling and getting back up again. Fortunately, our conclusion for 2019 is: rapid growth, constant innovation and, last but not least, a ticket to the world’s largest tech convention, the CES in Las Vegas!

Recap 2019: what happened?

One of the most important parts of an organisation is the people who work for it. The Learned team has almost doubled in one year from 5 to 9 people. In short, a lot more manpower to be able to grow faster and support more and more customers. Speaking of customers, this number has increased from 8 to more than 40! From digital agency to fashion retailer. All of them great organisations that chose Learned to start organising their talent management. So, how did our view on talent management evolve throughout the year?


From personal frustration to strategic talent management

Our vision and main motivation to start Learned stems from personal frustration that all three founders had to deal with at previous employers. On the one hand, there was insufficient insight into the opportunities and possibilities within the organisation. On the other hand, there was a lack of substantive guidance to actually grow to the next step. The result: early departure and the continuation of a career with another employer. A waste indeed, but certainly not only due to poor management. It were mainly the traditional organisational processes that stood in our way. In short, this had to be done smarter.


That is why we have come up with a new solution. Based on the experiences of more than 500 organisations, we have built a new kind of talent management platform that helps organisations to solve the problem of internal career mobility. Our research shows that every organisation differs in the level of maturity compared to their emphasis on talent management. We have defined 4 different phases of talent management based on the design of different organisational processes and ways of working. We help organisations modernise standard performance management processes and work step by step towards optimising internal roles and skills in order to be able to deal with career development in a strategic manner. How does this work in practice?


Next generation talent management platform

Based on research from organisations such as PiCompany, LTP and TMA, we help organisations to identify their relevant roles and skills. All employees are then invited to the company profile and linked to a personal role profile. This gives employees insight into their current internal role and they can browse through all other roles within the organisation on their own initiative. With this insight, employees can work independently to further develop within their current role, or they can set an ambition for a desired future role.


As an organisation you facilitate this development by organising performance management processes, such as 1-1 conversations, 360º feedback rounds, goals and learning management. The activity of your employees within the Learned platform provides valuable information about, for example, the skills present within your organisation. Use this information to determine who the top performers within the organisation are, or to determine which training and education programs can be used to guide your employees to their next step based on possible missing skills.


Most innovative HR Tech Tool

That the Learned platform meets the needs and wishes of the market was confirmed several times this year. Learned.io was named the most innovative Talent Tech Tool of 2019 by HRTech Review. Sprout also chose founders Paul and Joost Kuijf among the 25 most promising entrepreneurs under 25 years old of 2019. Our view on innovation was reaffirmed when Techleap.nl chose Learned as one of the 50 Dutch startups to join the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in 2020.


Next stop: the CES in Las Vegas

Every year Techleap.nl organises a trade mission to the CES in Las Vegas in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the RVO. For 4 days, Learned will show at the largest technology convention in the world how, with our vision on talent management, we can make more employees proceed their career with their current employer. With over 182,000 visitors from all over the world, CES is the event for innovation, product validation and building new collaborations for the future. Curious about our experiences? Keep track of our socials!

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