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We are an international tribe

We prioritize inclusivity and cultural diversity, benefiting individuals from all backgrounds. With 40% female employees and 8 nationalities, our diverse team enables us to create an internationally suited solution for high-performing teams. By embracing different perspectives, we provide an inclusive and effective solution for diverse organizations.

Keep developing

We value continuous learning and acquiring new skills. We embrace the idea that making mistakes is acceptable as long as we share and learn from them. We prioritize honesty, open communication, and constructive feedback, even when it is challenging.

Be the entrepreneur

Always explore opportunities, share ideas, and actively seek customer feedback. We embrace an entrepreneurial mindset

“I love our entrepreneurial culture that thrives on collaboration and innovation. As CTO, my passion lies in building a powerful software platform that not only revolutionizes the HR industry, but also has a lasting impact on people’s careers.”

Alex, CTO Learned

Founded by 3 brothers

Learned was founded in 2018 by Rick, Joost and Paul Kuijf. Having experienced the challenges faced by fast-growing companies, they recognized the significance of attracting and retaining key players for business growth.

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An overview of all products on the Learned platform

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