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Personalized career paths

Each employee has a personalized career path with insight into how they can advance from their current role with additional responsibilities.

Learned UI in which career paths are visible to an HR manager
Learned UI showing how a Marketing manager was assessed by three people on different skills

Transparent expectations by function

Employees and managers have insight into what critical performance indicators (KPIs), competencies and skills need to be developed by employees before they are ready for the next step.

Understanding employee aspirations

HR teams have insight into which employees are interested and suitable for different roles within the organization.

Learned UI Career where employees are visible who are on the list for a promotion

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the employee's career path determined?

In the Learned platform, there are several ways to do this. This is customizable by organization.

  • The platform can do this automatically by matching the employee’s profile with that of the positions
  • But it can also be based on your job description. Here we then look at vertical or horizontal steps.
  • As a final option, you can also create career paths manually.
What does a career framework mean?

We define the career framework as a modern job library consisting of a description of all jobs in the company with a detailed description of the tasks, responsibilities and noticeable behavior for the relevant skills, competencies and core values.


In what languages are the job descriptions and competencies & skills available?

The Learned job and competency database is available in English and Dutch. In the next months we will add several other languages.

Is our company's data safe?

Data security is paramount when using Learned’s career framework. We prioritize user data protection through encryption, access controls, and strict privacy protocols. Regular security audits and updates are performed to ensure data confidentiality and integrity. Read all about our security here.

Why does it save me a lot of time?

Until now you had to google or use ChatGPT to create descriptions for jobs. In addition you had to ask managers for input in coming up with the relevant skills and competencies. Our AI and dataset automatically generate these for you based on your type of organization and industry. Providing you with a good starting point but the flexibility to make any adjustments you feel like.

How do I know the recommended skills & competencies are correct?

Learned uses online job postings and job descriptions to derive the most in-demand skills & competencies. Since the algorithm is self learning on your adjustments the recommendations will even improve over time.

Learned Customer Success Management team.

Our customer success team helps you implement our software

Work with your dedicated Customer Success Manager to maximize the benefits of our career hub solution. Make use of our proven implementation process and check our help desk videos, articles and weekly webinars for valuable insights and guidance