Build a data-driven performance management strategy using our resources

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Performance Review New Style

Are you starting to implement or renew your performance review and looking for a sample new style performance appraisal form with +25 questions? Then we have a performance review template for you. The performance review is an integral part of a traditional...

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Learned’s methodology for objective performance management

Over the past 5 years, we have combined scientific research, the capabilities of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the experiences of our HR professionals into Learned's methodology for objective performance management model. Using this model, we have already guided...

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Chart low and high performers with objective evaluations

Are you aware of who the low and high performers are in your company? The job market is tighter than ever, making retaining talent as important as attracting it. However, recent research indicates that only 8% of companies have an objective understanding of their...

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Real-time insight into employee engagement

The job market is tighter than ever, with 51% of employees open to a new job. Turnover has risen to 20.29%, and replacing an employee can cost up to 150% of annual salary, especially for top performers. So for a medior or senior colleague, this can quickly add up...

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10-step plan to conduct a modern Employee happiness survey

In this E-Guide, we present a practical 10-step plan for conducting a modern and data-driven Employee happiness survey. Optimize your HR strategy with our expertise! Learn to set goals, build teams, create questionnaires, choose the right software and analyze...

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Design a modern HR cycle in 5 (effective) steps

The HR Cycle e-guide will help you arrive at "The New Assessment" for your organization and we will create an ongoing dialogue with you. We'll give you pointers, tips and a variety of sample questions you can use to design a new interview cycle so you can focus on employees' talents and continue to monitor performance and development.