The ROI of a data-driven talent management strategy

A data-driven HR strategy offers enormous savings potential. Based on the experiences of our customers and studies conducted by Gallup and LinkedIn, among others, we show you how a digital and automated process not only saves time and money, but also leads to higher involvement, lower turnover and lower absenteeism.

Save valuable time for HR

The implementation of a data-driven talent management strategy in which the interview cycle is digitally supported with our Performance add-on results, according to our own calculations, in a time saving for the HR department of 44%! Time that you as a department can use for strategic HR projects.

An efficient process for managers

Modern development conversations that are prepared, documented and monitored using the Performance add-on not only result in higher employee engagement, but also reduce the time required for managers to conduct the conversations by approximately 27%.

Reduce voluntary turnover

A study conducted by LinkedIn shows a 41% reduction in voluntary departures when you make career paths visible and discuss development needs frequently. Through predictive HR analytics, you gain insight into which employees are most likely to leave the organization. Be proactive instead of reactive (LinkedIn, 2021)!

Get a grip on absenteeism

Gallup studied that higher employee engagement results in a 43% reduction in sickness rates. Get insight into employee sentiment and compare it to scores on the other 17 scientifically based employee engagement variables. This will help you prevent absenteeism and burnout (Gallup, 2020).

“ The price of Learned is less than what it will cost you to replace just one of your employees “

Calculate your own ROI for your organization.

Despite the challenges in quantifying the total effect, our research and customer base of over 200 companies demonstrates positive outcomes, such as reduced employee turnover, absenteeism, and time spent on talent management. This can result in significant savings for a company with 100 employees in the business services industry, leading to an impressive ROI of 1200% on the Learned-platform investment.

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