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Create an HR cycle focused on development

With the Learned platform scale-ups or SMEs, create a continuous HR conversation cycle focused on development. Enabling you to build a committed team with the skills needed for the future.

Continuous hr cycle
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Design your ideal HR cycle

User-friendly HR software to design your ideal continuous conversation cycle of development conversations, 1:1s, feedback moments and goal check-ins.

Hr cycle

A modern development conversation based on skills

A modern 360° development interview based on the skills & competencies to be developed for the employee’s career path. Supplemented with themes such as happiness at work, sustainable employability and goals.

No digital job house with skills? With the power of Artificial Intelligence, our 100,000 skills and +4500 functions you can create your digital job house in no time

Modern development conversation

Short recurring feedback moments

Encourage managers and employees to continuously exchange compliments and feedback. Set automatic reminders. Use the feedback as input for evaluation and development discussions. 


Translate organization goals into goals per employee

Give employees insight into what is expected of them and how they contribute to the organization. Keep goals in the minds of employees with automatic goal check-ins. 

OKRs Goals
1 on 1 meetings
1:1 meetings

Easy 1:1 meetings

With 1:1’s you follow up your HR cycle with development and evaluation interviews. Stay on track and give your managers and employees something to hold on to by conducting a continuous dialogue. 

Why (HR) managers choose Learned?

With a continuous HR cycle of Learned you improve four scientifically proven (Gallup 2018) drivers for employee engagement and sustainable employability.

Source: Learned user research Q3 2022

The results

  • Receives more feedback and compliments 66% 66%
  • Know better what is expected of him and how he contributes to the organization 80% 80%
  • Has more insight into skills & competences to be developed 81% 81%
  • Know more about his internal career prospects 85% 85%

Effortlessly integrate with your trusted tools

Learned integraties HRIS

Together we make your HR cycle a success

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Proven implementation route

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Why +100 customers in 7 countries trust Learned

“More development and career discussions are held by both young and older employees. With an increase of up to 500% in the training opportunities followed!”


Managing Director, E-mergo

A few months after the launch of Learned, the impressions are very good! By digitizing the processes, there is more overview and valuable time is saved by HR.


HR Manager, Q BackOffice

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User-friendly HR Software for scale-ups and SMEs to create a continuous HR cycle.