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Build and retain the best performing teams

AI-powered HR software that allows HR to build and retain best-performing teams based on data.

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Career framework

The basis for HR: a modern job library

With Learned’s AI, you easily generate a modern job board based on market data. This makes evaluations objective and career opportunities transparent.
The UI of the Learned career job libary platform


Understanding low- and high performers, with objective evaluations

Performance management software that distinguishes itself by identifying employee performance on objective criteria and encourages development.
Learned Performance Management Software UI, Employee happiness survey


Real-time insights into the engagement of your high performers

Engagement software for ongoing short Employee happiness surveys that give you real-time insight into employee engagement throughout the year.

Learned Engagement Software Platform UI with an area graph of employee engagement
Learned Customer Success Management team

Implement data-driven talent management with our customer success team

Work with your dedicated Customer Success Manager to maximize the benefits of our solution. Make use of our proven implementation process and check our help desk videos, articles and weekly webinars for valuable insights and guidance

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