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As a company, upgrade your talent experience and make your employees measurably more productive, more involved and future proof.

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“He knew I was looking for a talent management platform. His assessment was correct, it was exactly what I was looking for for the employees of Compagnon. ”
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Upgrade your talent experience step by step

Professionalize your HR department. Work step by step towards a better talent experience. As HR, make a measurable contribution to the operating result by improving the productivity, commitment and future-proofness of your employees.

Renew your performance management

Digitise and renew your performance management cycle with more contact moments per year. Set clear expectations using job profiles and goals. Go for a feedback culture. Increase the performance of your teams and save time as HR.

Learned Performance management
Keep remote teams productive and engaged

Keep remote teams productive and engaged

Support managers to keep their team (remotely) engaged and productive. Facilitate constructive 1-1 conversations, managing output and frequently exchanging feedback and compliments.

Develop career and growth paths

Keep top performers engaged. Create a growth culture with learning and career paths. Facilitate employees to get started with their development independently and always have insight into their next internal step.

Learned carrière en groeipaden
Learned strategische workforce planning

Start strategic workforce planning

Build a future proof workforce. Gain insight into the required skills and skill gap of your organisation. Translate these insights into L & amp; D and your recruitment strategy or quickly find the employee with the right skills you are looking for for a project or position. 

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Reviews & 360° feedback

Refresh your conversation cycle. Schedule more contact moments. Involve employees and colleagues in the process and create a conversation cycle that makes employees happy.


Support managers in having constructive 1-1 conversations with their employees. Guarantee quality with clear templates and improve involvement. 


Set clear expectations and give employees insight into their contribution to the organisation. Support managers in managing output and improve performance.


Encourage the exchange of feedback and compliments throughout the year. Avoid accumulating feedback and leading to surprises. Create a culture of growth. 

Learning journeys

Help employees develop. Create structured learning paths or build your own library of learning resources and give employees insight into the possibilities.

Career paths

Keep challenging employees. Give them insight into the career opportunities within your company. Make it clear what is required for a particular position or role. Help them to map out a career path independently. 


Map the skills of your organisation and compare them with the skills you need. Create a skill gap and use these insights as input for L & amp; D and your recruitment strategy.

Find candidates

Save valuable time and quickly and objectively find the employee with the right skills for a project or position.

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Improve performance
Increase engagement
Future proof your workforce

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Performance management

Renew and digitise your performance management.


Measure and manage the skills of your workforce


Experience the power of internal mobility. Find the right internal candidate for the role or project. 


Market trends, case studies and best practices.


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