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Start with the basics Build your job library using AI. Use it to make evaluations objective and career opportunities transparent.

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Conduct objective evaluations, make sure everyone knows how to develop during the year and identify your high-performers.

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Discover blindspots to increase employee engagement with evidence-based surveys.


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The software, support and resources to build the best teams based on data

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Work with your dedicated Customer Success Manager to maximize the benefits of our solution. Make use of our proven implementation process and check our help desk videos, articles and weekly webinars for valuable insights and guidance

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If you are ever in doubt our support is just one chat away. With response times under 10 minutes you will be up and running in no-time.

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Take advantage of our help desk videos, articles and weekly webinars for valuable insights.


Een overzicht van alle producten op het Learned-platform

Carrière framework

Functiehuis, Competenties & Skills en Carrièrepaden

Performance Management

Evaluaties, 1:1's, feedback en doelen


Traditionele enquêtes, Pulse-enquêtes en eNPS

Onboard & Leren

Onboarding trajecten en Learning academy


Alles over onze beveiligings- en AVG-protocollen


Integreer met HRIS, SSO, MFA en Agenda

Ons verhaal

Onze missie en wat ons uniek maakt

Return on investment

De bedrijfswaarde en het rendement op investering

HR kenniscentrum

E-guides, webinars en templates

Implementatie & support

Bewezen implementatietrajecten, video's en webinars


Ontdek hoe onze klanten Learned gebruiken


Artikelen voor HR managers


An overview of all products on the Learned platform

Career framework

Job House, Competencies & Skills and Career Pathways

Performance Management

Evaluations, 1:1's, feedback and development plans

EN - Engagement

Traditional surveys, Pulse surveys and eNPS

Onboard & Learn

Onboarding pathways and learning academy


All about our security and AVG protocols


Integrate with HRIS, SSO, MFA and Calendar

Our story

Our mission and what makes us unique

Return on investment

Business value and return on investment

HR knowledge hub

e-books, webinars, templates and articles

Implementation & Support

Proven implementation processes, videos and webinars

Customer stories

Find out how our customers use Learned


Articles for HR managers