Manage development, performance and retention with data, not by feel.


Performance management & analytics software

Managers using the Learned platform on an IPad to view employee performance, satisfaction and turnover
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Evaluations, internal flow and rewards occur on gut feeling


A uniform process is lacking; evaluations are subjective and vary from manager to manager.


Development wishes and career opportunities are not transparent.


HR lacks insight into performance; flow and reward are subjective.

Make performance management data-driven

With our framework for objective performance management, we help your organization objectively measure and improve employee performance and retention in 5 steps.

Managers look at objective performance management e-guide on their phones

One platform to objectively measure and improve performance & retention

Each product on the platform is powerful on its own, but the real magic happens when you use them together.

Job matrix

Create clear expectations with AI with a modern job home based on KPIs, competencies & skills

Learned Function house module on an ipad


Conduct objective evaluations and chart your low and high performers

Learned Performance module on an ipad.


Make career paths transparent. Ensure equal opportunity.
Learned career module on mobile


Real-time insight into your employees’ satisfaction and engagement

Learned Survey module on a desktop

Customer Stories

Learn from +200 Learned customers how they are making their HR data-driven

Meet Luca: your AI assistant

Luca not only helps you analyze the reports, you also receive immediate, concrete recommendations for improving employee satisfaction and performance

AI assistant Luca in the Learned platform
Learned Customer Success Management team.

A successful performance strategy with Customer Success

Work with your dedicated Customer Success Manager to maximize the benefits of our solution. Together we develop a customized implementation process using our proven methodology.

Learn more about the power of data within HR

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10-step plan to conduct a modern Employee happiness survey

In this E-Guide, we present a practical 10-step plan for conducting a modern and data-driven Employee happiness survey. Optimize your HR strategy with our expertise! Learn to set goals, build teams, create questionnaires, choose the right software and analyze...

HR Manager is calling and looking at the performance review template

Performance Review New Style

Are you starting to implement or renew your performance review and looking for a sample new style performance appraisal form with +25 questions? Then we have a performance review template for you. The performance review is an integral part of a traditional...