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Great Conversations
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Learned.io is the Great Conversation Platform™. The platform that helps managers to continuously conduct great conversations that improve employee performance and development. Stay ahead of the competition! 

Great places to work rely on Learned

Help managers conduct ‘Great Conversations’

Renew your conversation cycle. Help managers continuously conduct great conversations with their employees about goals, skills, career and more. 

Measure and discuss skill gaps based on the skills from the employee’s role profile. Help employees give direction to their development.

Keep the focus on goals. Create clear expectations and provide insight into how employees contribute to the organisational objectives.

Give meaning to the core values of your organization. Conduct “The Good Conversation” about cultural fit. Provide insight into how employees can contribute to the success of the organizational culture.

Challenge your employees to think about a possible internal career move. Encourage employees to develop the necessary skills.

Help every manager to conduct great conversations. Use the Learned templates or create your own conversation templates.


Why successful companies invest in a continuous dialogue

Help managers to continuously discuss goals, skills and career and focus on results. Read more

2.8x Higher employee engagement

26% Higher employee productivity

41% Lower voluntary churn

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All the features you need to have a “great conversation” about goals, skills and career.

Great conversations

Organise “The Great Conversation.” Use 360° feedback and review on goals and skills. Translate insights into development and career prospects. More about ‘great conversations’

Continuous dialogue

Follow up on great conversations with continuous 1:1s. Have a continuous dialogue about the goals set and agreements made. More about continuous dialogue 


Keep the focus on goals. Set clear expectations and provide insight into how employees contribute to the team and organisational objectives. More about goals

Skill & career framework

Provide employees with insight into their skill gap with their current position. Translate insights into development and encourage employees to think about an internal career move. More about skills


Collect feedback quickly and easily. Employees ask for feedback on specific situations or on the goals in their personal plan. More about effective feedback

Learning paths

Professionalise onboarding and skill development. Create learning paths and ensure that your employees have the right skills. More about learning paths

Together we achieve your desired result

The Learned Customer Success Team helps you and your team get started easily. Together we draw up a plan for the short and long term. Our team is experienced in translating challenging situations into a suitable solution. Together we ensure that you will conduct more and more great conversations


Why organisations choose us

The Great Conversation Platform™


With Learned we continuously conduct great digital conversations and we can really manage and steer on output.

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With Learned already over +100,000 great conversations have been conducted 👏

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Experience for yourself how you can create a better Talent experience with the Learned platform.

Performance management

Renew and digitise your performance management.

Remote teams

Help managers to keep their remote teams productive and engaged


Integrate effortlessly with the tools you already use

Career paths

Keep top performers challenged and prevent them from leaving.

Strategic skill management

Measure the skills of your workforce. Know if you are ready for the future.