Performance Review New Style


Are you starting to implement or renew your performance review and looking for a sample new style performance appraisal form with +25 questions? Then we have a performance review template for you.

The performance review is an integral part of a traditional appraisal cycle that often consists even more of a planning and appraisal review. This involves setting goals at the beginning of the year, evaluating them mid-year in a performance review, and assessing them at the end of the year. It is a conversation between the manager and employee. A great conversation addresses the employee’s performance, development, job satisfaction and, for example, opportunities for advancement. An important difference from the appraisal interview is that this interview also addresses the future and assumes two-way communication. In other words, it not only evaluates but also looks ahead.

From Learned, we also advise our clients to strive for continuous dialogue. By engaging with your employees on an ongoing basis as a manager, we see that employees are more aware of how they can contribute to the organization and are more actively engaged in their development. A first step toward continuous dialogue may be to renew existing conversations.


Performance review template includes:

    • 3 main talking points that are (almost) always forgotten
    • Best practices on evaluating on goals, skills and competencies
    • +25 new-style questions on 4 different topics
    • Calculate salary scale