Structure. Regularity. Overview.

A new method so that every manager
can develop his employees.


Split up the year in short periods

The manager and employee work with a fixed structure every period. Together they determine the goals with the highest priority, make the goals concrete with activities and provide each other feedback. Each period ends with a short evaluation interview.

structured method


Use feedback to discover strengths and areas for development

User-friendly 360° feedback rounds help the employee to gain insight into his own performance. Received feedback is translated directly by the employee into development goals.


Determine the business and development goals per employee helps to map out the company and development goals per employee. This way the employee knows what is expected of him. In addition, it is clear to managers how the employee performs and develops.


Follow up

Make your goals concrete with activities provides suggestions for relevant learning activities based on the employee's profile. Choose one of our recommendations for books, videos and trainings. As a company you can simply assign your own activities to your employees. Ideal for onboarding or for example for a compliance training.



Bring everything together in a sprint board

All (company) objectives, learning activities and feedback are combined into one overview. This means the employee instantly knows what to do. All progress is made transparent for the manager.


Evaluate the progress made every period

At the end of each sprint, the manager and employee evaluate together in a short conversation. Quickly get to the point through our summary reports. Discuss the past period and plan the next.



Create an overview on your development in your own profile

Employees work in their own development profile. All feedback, goals and learning activities can be found here. Find out which skills there are within your organization.

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