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Transparent expectations with a skill-based job center

AI-powered software for a skill-based job board, job matrix and skills taxonomy.

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Job profiles for more than 2,000 positions

Our AI-driven job house & skill matrix enables skill-based job profiles for more than 2,000 positions, based on market data.

Learned UI AI Job Matrix, showing the job house with a library of job profiles.
Learned UI showing the skill library.

From task to skill-based job profiles

Using Artificial Intelligence, we are making the transition from task-based to skill-based job profiles. We provide behavioral examples from novice to expert for the relevant skills & competencies to be successful in the job.

Learned UI showing the skill library.

Highlight core values

With Learned, you make your core values part of the job home and the interview cycle. This is how you set clear expectations for all your employees.

Learned UI depicting core values, in this case "klantgericht%

Customer Stories

Learn from +200 Learned customers how they are making their HR data-driven

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a skill-based job matrix?
A skill-based job matrix is an organizational structure in which jobs are defined based on the skills and competencies needed to perform them, rather than solely on the description of duties and responsibilities. In doing so, you create a clear expectation as an organization, facilitate internal flow and encourage development.
How does Learned obtain data?

Learned built a taxonomy of more than 2,000 positions based on public sources and millions of resumes and job postings with examples of critical performance indicators and examples of concrete observable behaviors belonging to the relevant competencies and skills to be successful in this position. Using Artificial Intelligence, our taxonomy continuously optimizes itself.

Is our company's data safe?

Learned is GDPR compliant and ISO27001 certified. Read more about this on our security page.

In what languages is the job and skill taxonomy available?

The Learned job and competency database is available in English, German and Dutch. In the next months we will add several other languages.