Start with continuous performance management

Create a continuous dialogue and start with ‘the new reviews’: reviews on skills, 360º feedback, goals (OKRs) and 1:1 conversations. All deeply integrated with your existing HRIS and calendar software. Enable your employees to do their best work. Now and in the future.

Learned de Complete Oplossing voor Doelen OKRs Skills en Carriere

Give managers the tools to conduct ‘great conversations’

Gallup researched that up to 70% of employee happiness comes from the relationship with the manager. Learned was developed for HR teams that want to empower their managers to have the right conversation. Help managers achieve better alignment, drive development, and empower employees to do their best work.

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Discover why top employers create a continuous dialogue with Learned.io

With Learned, managers continuously have great conversations and can really steer on output.

HR Manager, Compagnon

Learned really helps us develop digital skills by continuously having good development conversations.

Managing Director, Marviq

360° Feedback & Reviews

Say goodbye to reviews. Start with ‘The Great Conversation’

Replace traditional HR conversation cycles with reviews on skills, goals and 360 feedback from both colleagues and external stakeholders. Automatic reminders and a calendar integration make it easy to automate this routine.

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Houd medewerkers betrokken, gefocust en uitgedaagd met doelen
Goals (OKRs)

Keep employees engaged, focused and challenged with goals

Translate the company goals into goals per team and per employee. Set SMART or OKR goals. Make goals concrete with specific metrics. Keep goals top of mind and discuss them in 1:1 conversations.

Career Framework & Skill Matrix

Create a career development framework

Create a career framework and skill matrix as a basis for development and career paths. Give employees insight into their skill gap, development opportunities and career prospects. Stimulate growth and retain top performers for your organisation.

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Learned Stimuleer een continue dialoog met 1-1 gesprekken (1)
1:1 Conversations

Stimulate continuous dialogue with 1:1 conversations

Encourage managers to keep in touch with their employees on an ongoing basis. The 1:1 conversations are a shared environment to coordinate agendas, keep notes and determine next steps. In this way, the manager and employee work together on a continuous dialogue. 

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With Learned we continuously have good digital conversations and we can really steer on output. Read more..

Maaike, Compagnon

Develop your people. Grow your business.

Learn why Great Places to Work are using Learned.io to create a modern performance management and conversation cycle.

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