Renew your review cycle

Digitize requesting feedback, make feedback relevant and renew your existing HR interview cycle. Save valuable time.

Digital 360° feedback rounds based on role profiles

Say goodbye to standard questionnaires. Create personalised 360° feedback rounds based on the role of the employee and digitise the way of asking for feedback.

Personalised questionnaire

Create personalised questionnaires based on the role of the employee, using skills or custom questions.

360° feedback

Involve the employee, his or her peers and the manager in the 360° feedback round.

Partners & clients

Request feedback from people outside your organisation via email integration.

Modernise the HR conversation cycle

Software to modernise and manage your annual HR conversation cycle. Schedule conversations for evaluation, goal setting or career perspective. Gain insight into the quality of the 1-1 conversations between the manager and employee.

OKR goal software to translate strategy

Make your team more productive. Communicate organisational objectives. Make it clear how employees impact the operating result and their career.

Strive for a culture of continuous feedback

Complement formal feedback moments with feedback in the flow of work. Strive for a continuous feedback culture. Within one minute employees and managers request feedback on, for example, the presentation they just gave or a goal that's being worked on.


The most common challenges for HR

What +500 companies indicated when we asked them: what do you encounter when organizing your talent management? We have brought together the most common challenges and solutions in our free guide "The road to strategic talent management".

Other Learned solutions

Accelerate the growth of your business by developing and retaining your talent.
Smart software that helps you in every phase on the road to strategic talent management.

Structure development

Structure employee development with a new generation of PDPs, automatic learning suggestions and powerful goal management software.

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Stimulate career mobility

Put your talent in the right place. Build an internal marketplace for talent and encourage internal mobility. Increase retention.

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Introduce skill management

Start with skill management and HR analytics and make HR a strategic partner. Help your organisation grow faster!

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The talent management platform

Thousands of professionals rely on Learned to organise their talent management.


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Renew your review cycle

Digitise feedback and renew your conversation cycle

Structure employee development

Structure employee development with powerful tools

Encourage career mobility

Match employees with internal career opportunities

Introduce skill management

Start with skill management and HR analytics


Practical E-books that enable anyone to successfully implement talentmanagement


Useful research and articles about talent management

About us

Background about our team and the mission of


360° Feedback

Digitise feedback and make feedback relevant

Conversation cycle

Renew your conversation cycle

Development plans

Next generation personal development plans


Align strategy with goals

Learning management

The learning experience

Talent marketplace

Match talent with internal opportunities

Skill management

Measure and develop future skills

Hr analytics

Discover and analyse talent