Renew your performance management

An annual assessment interview is not in line with a rapidly changing organisation. Strive for a continuous dialogue between the manager and employee. Build a productive and engaged team and save time for everyone.  

Talent experience platform

Continuous performance management

Traditional annual review cycles often consist of time-consuming administrative tasks. Goals are outdated before they are discussed. employees complain about a lack of feedback and unclear expectations. There is no real change after the assessment interview.

A continuous dialogue is the future

A simple digital process in which the manager and employee frequently discuss goals, development, their involvement and career. A process in which the employee owns his career and where HR has a real-time overview of the progress. That way everyone saves time.

Manage remote teams

Build a continuous performance management process that adds value

An annual assessment interview is not enough to make people productive and engaged. is a user-friendly platform that helps companies create a continuous dialogue between the manager and employee. View the functionalities below that help you do this.

Make expectations clear and transparent

Employees who do not know what is expected of them and how they contribute to the organisation become a thing of the past. Use the Goals module to set SMART goals for all departments, not just Sales.

Manage remote teams
Manage remote teams

Facilitate managers to continuously engage in conversation 

Too often, managers wait for formal HR conversations to share important feedback. Facilitate managers with a digital 1-1 conversation module to continuously discuss goals, feedback, development and career throughout the year.

Organise honest evaluations that suit your organisation

Previously, evaluation rounds took an extremely long time for HR, managers and employees. With the review module, this is a thing of the past. Use the powerful review module to renew your HR interview cycle and measure the performance, potential and skills of your employees.

Learned Performance management
Manage remote teams

Help managers provide constructive feedback

Prevent managers from ‘saving’ feedback, especially when working from home. Employees continue to have a need for appreciation and feedback. Easily facilitate the digital exchange of feedback.

How Compagnon digitally guides its placed professionals with Learned

“He knew I was looking for a talent management platform. His assessment was correct, it was exactly what I was looking for for the employees of Compagnon. ”
L&D Compagnon


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Performance management

Renew and digitise your performance management.

Remote teams

Help managers to keep their remote teams productive and engaged


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Career paths

Keep top performers challenged and prevent them from leaving.

Strategic skill management

Measure the skills of your workforce. Know if you are ready for the future.