Real-time insight into employee engagement


The job market is tighter than ever, with 51% of employees open to a new job. Turnover has risen to 20.29%, and replacing an employee can cost up to 150% of annual salary, especially for top performers. So for a medior or senior colleague, this can quickly add up to €80,000. Companies need real-time insight into employee engagement to manage turnover. However, current measurement methods such as annual Employee happiness surveys do not provide real-time insight, leaving companies behind in the face of rapid market changes.

Gallup research also shows that 10 to 20 percent of employees within an organization are responsible for achieving the most important results, greatest successes and best innovations. This group is often identified as the high performers. So it is crucial for organizations to get a handle on employee turnover, but especially the top performers. An important means of understanding intent to leave is employee engagement. When it is lower, an employee is more likely to leave the organization. In recent years, many different solutions have emerged to measure employee engagement. From consulting organizations to specialized Employee happiness survey solutions.

In this eguide, we reveal why many of these methods fall short and how Learned provides an effective solution to this. Why an annual Employee happiness survey won’t give you real-time insight into high performers and how to retain them.

Traditional annual Employee happiness surveys no longer suffice, of course; Learned provides real-time measurements for immediate action. Download our eguide on“real-time insight into your high performers’ employee engagement” to discover how to measure, interpret and improve engagement so you retain the best talent and save costs.