How Proxsys uses Learned’s Performance add-on for objective assessments and development mapping

For Proxsys, we implemented a new HR cycle in the Learned platform. How did they experience that? We spoke with Sophie Akse, Proxsys’ HR manager, who shares her experience with Learned below. (April 12, 2023)



Proxsys is an IT company founded in 2001 to provide ICT services and consultancy to SMEs. They now have two offices with a total of 93 employees and are also committed to nonprofit organizations, semi-government agencies and advanced connectivity.

Proxsys’ focus is on providing, as they nicely put it, an All-or-Nothing IT service. That means they take over and manage their clients’ entire ICT landscape, from A to Z.

The organization grew rapidly in recent years. To learn more about how they attract, retain and develop their employees, we spoke with Sophie Akse, Proxsys’ HR manager. She has worked in the company for almost six years and she has seen the changes up close.

“Proxsys was always being taken to a new level,” says Sophie, “that not only required proficiency in the technical specialties, but a need arose for a skilled HR solution.”


The start

With strong growth in the organization, a need arose in 2017 for a clear method of identifying employee development and goals and making this part of a structured interview cycle. For this issue, Sophie was recruited.


The solution

In 2019, the search for a software solution began, and Sophie soon came to Learned. Why?

“Learned has the best vision, is the most accessible system, and it has a high level of ongoing development. Learned stands out from the rest because of its strong focus on employee development, and that philosophy really appealed to us,” says Sophie.

“Learned has the best vision and is the most accessible system.”

“We wanted to roll out the new way of doing calls properly first, and then several other options in the platform were put into use,” Sophie indicates.

We changed the interview cycle with Learned to three interviews a year, and we established job profiles that we didn’t have before. We also made business goals and study goals for employees. These job profiles and goals are now actually part of our appraisals and form objective criteria that we use for our compensation policies. This provides structure for employees. We can now easily fall back on conversations that have already taken place and we no longer face surprises at the end of the year.

“We no longer face surprises at the end of the year.”

Learned has also had a positive impact on employee turnover. Proxsys over the past few years a structural increase in eNPS. Learned contributes to these positive trends by supporting employees in their careers and ambitions as a tool. Learned’s spider chart provides insight into progress and results. According to Sophie, clear gaps are visible when someone still has a lot to do to grow in a role. “That gives employees the opportunity to set new goals again.”


Next steps

“Now that we have Learned, it gives professional substance to our HR cycle and goal setting,” says Sophie.

Proxsys’ HR team has also already come up with new goals for this year: they want to move forward with their career framework. Sophie explains: “we work with a consultant to work out the roles in a career framework.



She is also satisfied with Learned’s service:

“Learned’s Customer Success Team is always super accessible and easy to reach. If I need support, for example with an authenticator app on a colleague’s new phone, they help me right away.”

And that’s not the only thing she’s satisfied with:

“They also always listen, because they take my suggestions into the roadmap and incorporate them into their software.”

Sophie would also recommend Learned to all other companies. She indicates:

“Learned is a fine tool! Especially if you are also looking for innovation for the topics: interview cycle, goals and employee development. We are in contact several times a year and they offer us extra support around the end of the year, when the end-of-year interviews take place.”

“They take my suggestions into the roadmap and incorporate them into their software.”



When we ask about Sophie’s advice to other HR managers, she responds with:

“Don’t try to invent the wheel yourself, but find the right tool. There are just specialists on the market who can help you well. Determine your goals, know what you want to achieve and find the tool that fits best. Don’t make it too big and just start.”

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