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At Blueriq, we spoke with Tanja, HR Talent & Development Manager.

The challenge

Learned and Blueriq first met in 2020. Learned caught Learned’s attention through the media as an innovative HR Tech Startup, and Blueriq was also looking for a solution at exactly that moment. After all, there was plenty at play. Blueriq was a great believer in competency-based working, and there was an increasing need for a unified approach to coaching employees and the associated recording of agreements and notes. But above all, there was a need to better facilitate employees to work on their development independently, without the intervention of HR. “We have very talented employees and everyone really wants to develop. However, everyone is also very busy which sometimes makes it difficult to give this sufficient attention. It is therefore important for us to facilitate employees as much as possible to work on development. This starts with insight into what you can develop and clear processes,” says Tanja (
HR Talent & Development Manager.
, Blueriq)

The solution

“To do this right, you can come up with a loose process or system for everything,” Tanja says. However, it was important for Blueriq to combine as much as possible into a single solution, and in this way work as efficiently and effectively as possible. A partnership with Learned was therefore something Blueriq saw fit. Not only is Learned modular, allowing you to decide what to use and what not to use, but as a startup at the time, there was also a lot of room for input from Blueriq on the continued development of the platform.

Meanwhile, Blueriq has fully established and rolled out its desired way of working. There is a comprehensive job house that allows each employee to have one or more roles in addition to a job profile. These can be fun side activities, or a particular specialty. Each role has its own description and set of competencies and skills with underlying behaviors. “We deliberately do not reflect these additional roles in our formal performance reviews, but they do outline a clear expectation for the employee in what they need to develop to qualify for them. Employees’ stated ambitions are discussed throughout the year with specially designated ‘development coaches’ and/or the supervisor,” Tanja says.

The result

After a few years of working with Learned, Tanja says it can be concluded that it really activates employees to work on their development. Blueriq sees a positive trend in internal mobility and turnover is low for an IT organization. Through the career framework in Learned, all functions and roles are transparent, and this insight encourages employees to think about what they really enjoy doing. “The combination of the Learned tool and the conversations with development coaches and managers is especially good. For example, we regularly reflect on the visual skill gaps and development areas in Learned’s radar graph,” Tanja says.

To conclude

We also took a brief look back at the implementation of Learned. About this period, Blueriq said it was nice that Learned facilitated with standard skill sets with corresponding behavioral examples. We also found the many moments of contact and room for questions very pleasant. In short, “if you as an organization want to get started with facilitating development and setting up an HR cycle, Learned provides you with the guidance and resources you need,” says Tanja.