Keeping your employees in with a successful retention policy

by Danique Geskus | Nov 8, 2023

This blog is dedicated to one of the most essential topics for HR: retention policies. It may sound like a pretty serious term, but in this blog we will explain what it is and why it is so crucial to the success of your organization.


What is retention policy?

Retention policy is all about retaining your best employees. It is the set of strategies, processes and initiatives that an organization deploys to keep talent on board, motivate and develop it. Simply put, it’s everything you do to make sure your employees don’t walk out the door.


Why is retention policy so important?

Hiring new employees is an expensive business. It takes time and money to fill vacancies, hire new people and get them up-to-speed. Retention policies can help you reduce those costs by ensuring your employees stay happy and engaged.

In addition, satisfied and engaged employees are also more productive. They work harder, are more loyal and contribute to a positive work atmosphere. In addition, a low employee turnover Ensure the stability and continuity of your organization.


How can you build a strong retention policy?

Here are some strategies to strengthen your retention policy:

  • Competitive pay and benefits: make sure your salaries and benefits are competitive compared to the market. This is especially important if you want to attract and retain top talent.
  • Training and development: provides opportunities for growth and development. Employees who feel they are growing are more likely to stay.
  • A positive work environment: create a pleasant work environment where employees feel valued and heard. Open communication and respect play a major role here.
  • Appreciation and recognition: let your employees know that you appreciate their efforts. A simple thank you can do wonders.
  • Work-life balance: help employees find a healthy work-life balance. Flexible working hours, work-from-home options and leave arrangements can help.
  • Leadership and management: ensuring effective leaders and managers. Poor management is one of the main reasons employees leave.
  • Regular feedback and growth opportunities: offer regular feedback and provide opportunities for growth and development. Employees want to know how they are performing and where they can improve.


A successful retention policy with Learned

An essential part of a successful retention policy is investing in the growth and development of your employees. This is where Learned comes in. With our platform, you can easily create training and development plans, track employee progress and collect feedback. By providing your employees with access to relevant learning resources and growth opportunities, you can not only increase their satisfaction, but also strengthen their loyalty and commitment. And that contributes to a stronger and more successful retention policy.

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