The 5 steps of a fleet review within an organization

by Danique Geskus | Nov 22, 2023

The concept of the fleet review is increasingly prevalent as a valuable practice to optimize HR processes and contributes to strategic workforce planning. Let’s take a deeper look at what a fleet review entails and why it is so important. Would you rather start recognizing your low and high performers right away. Then download our free e-guide “Map low and high performers with objective evaluations.


What is a fleet scow?

A fleet review is a strategic evaluation and analysis of an organization’s entire workforce. It includes not only assessing individual performance, but also analyzing the overall health and effectiveness of the HR function within the organization. The goal is to understand the current state of the workforce, identify bottlenecks and develop strategies to improve employee performance and engagement.


Why is it important?

  • Talent management: An HR fleet review helps identify talent within the organization. It enables HR professionals to identify high-potential employees and create development plans to foster their growth.
  • Performance appraisal: It provides a structured way to assess the performance of individual employees and teams. This can lead to fair and equitable evaluation and compensation of employees.
  • Succession planning: By identifying potential successors for critical positions within the organization, an HR fleet review can help ensure continuity of leadership and prevent staff shortages.
  • Engagement and satisfaction: It provides insight into employee satisfaction and engagement. This enables organizations to work to create a positive work environment and retain talent.
  • Strategic planning: An HR fleet review helps develop strategic HR goals and plans that are aligned with the overarching business strategy.


Steps in a fleet review

The process of a fleet review typically involves the following steps:

  1. Collect data: Collect data on all aspects of the workforce, including performance reviews, training needs, satisfaction surveys and demographics.
  2. Analysis and Evaluation: Assess the data collected to identify strengths and weaknesses and recognize trends.
  3. Talent Identification: Identify high-potential employees and critical positions within the organization.
  4. Development plans: Develop individual development plans for employees to improve their skills and performance.
  5. Implementation and follow-up: Put strategies and plans into practice and monitor progress.

A fleet review is a dynamic process that must be repeated regularly to keep up with organizational and market changes. It enables organizations to effectively manage and thrive on their human capital, which is essential for long-term success. By investing in employee development and engagement, organizations can adapt to changing challenges and continue to grow.


Facilitate the fleet review

The way to facilitate this fleet review is to download our e-guide. This FREE e-guide will help you gain insight into the engagement and performance of your employees. We offer an innovative solution to find and retain the low and high performers within your organization.


The 9-Grid and the Fleet Fleece

Within the context of talent management, the 9-Grid and the fleet review are often used in tandem. The 9-Grid provides a structured way to assess individual performance and potential, while the fleet review provides a broader view of the organization’s entire workforce and HR strategy.

In practice, the 9-Grid is often used as a tool during fleet review meetings. Organization leaders come together and use the 9-Grid to assess and calibrate individual employees. This helps identify high-potential employees and critical positions within the organization. It enables leaders to make joint decisions about who is ready for greater responsibility and who needs additional support.

With Learned, you make evaluations more honest. Don’t base the final assessment on the manager’s gut feeling. Make evaluations more fair by easily calibrating evaluations with Learned. Explanatory Figure: The 9-grid model in Learned makes it easy to compare and calibrate evaluations from different managers.


Implementing the fleet review in your organization with Learned

Learned offers tools to support talent management within your organization. Our platform allows you to easily identify talent through solutions such as a 9-grid chart and calibration of evaluations. This greatly facilitates the fleet review and provides an honest and objective overview of staff performance within your organization.

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