Why more and more organizations are choosing to conduct their MTO themselves and not by a research firm

by Danique Geskus | Sep 29, 2023

Outsourcing an Employee Satisfaction Survey to a specialized research firm has advantages, but also disadvantages such as costs, reduced control and lack of internal involvement. Learn more about these aspects and find out how Learned supports companies in conducting modern MTOs.


1. Cost

Outsourcing an MTO to a research firm can incur significant costs.The cost of conducting an Employee Satisfaction Survey (MTO) can vary greatly depending on several factors including: The size of the organization, The complexity of the survey, The method of data collection and the level of support in interpreting the results. In general, the cost of conducting an MTO by a professional research firm can range from several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars.


2. Less control

When you outsource an MTO, you relinquish some of the control over the process. Although the agency has the expertise, they may not be able to understand all the nuances and specific aspects of your organization.


3. Lack of internal involvement

When an MTO is conducted internally, employees may feel more involved in the process and there may be more support for implementing the results. Outsourcing can reduce this involvement.


4. Implementation of results

While a research firm can help you collect and analyze data, the responsibility for implementing changes still lies with the organization. Without a clear plan for how you will use these results, an MTO, whether internal or outsourced, can be less effective.


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Learned provides companies with the necessary software, questionnaires and support to conduct modern employee satisfaction surveys.

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