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How Marviq creates a future-proof workforce through remote coaching


Marviq is a software development company that works with clients to deliver innovative solutions at the interface of hardware and software integration, on a fixed price and fixed time basis.


The Netherlands


IT Services

Company size

11-50 Medewerkers

“Now that the groundwork has been laid, we are looking at furnishing the Learned library with relevant training and courses to focus even more on developing digital skills next year,” Dennis said.


At this software specialist, teams work closely with the client on various aspects of modern application development. There is a lot of specialized knowledge about processes regarding Agile and DevOps that is applied with an important goal in mind: to build valuable applications that are better and faster than your competitor’s.

“With a lot of specialized knowledge in house, it is important to keep it up-to-date. We needed a digital solution in which all parties involved could record their skills and knowledge, and then continue to develop them. From this need we came in contact with Learned,” says Dennis, CEO.

The challenge: Facilitating development for staff abroad

Capturing an employee’s skills and qualities is one thing, but then actively managing them is another challenge. This was also experienced by Marviq where a large part of the workforce is also working from abroad.

“We are now very experienced and successful in working with employees abroad, where communication is flawless. However, development goes beyond just communication. In order to continue coaching our employees on the further development of their skill set, we need to integrate processes for learning & development, assessments, conversations and goals into one digital environment,” says Dennis.


The solution: Digital assessments on the relevant skills of today and tomorrow

The Learned platform allows organizations to set up employee coaching completely digitally. Working with skills is the basis behind the Learned method. Organizations build their own set of technical skills (hard skills) and competencies (soft skills) and use them to assess employees by. The resulting data from the assessments is the input for coaching conversations and learning & development.

Executives in the organization, aka “coaches” within the Learned platform, can manage these processes for their employees. “Learned helps us develop digital skills and allows us to easily digitize processes for conversations and exchanging feedback,” says Dennis.


The result: Digital insight into the skills and development of your employees

By now, all Marviq employees have been active on the Learned platform for almost a year. Initial assessments and interviews have been recorded and each employee has a personal and digital skill profile. The platform has been well received by Marviq’s developers. The clear UI combined with feedback on hard skills ensured that Learned was picked up quickly.

“Now that the groundwork has been laid, we are looking at furnishing the Learned library with relevant training and courses to focus even more on developing digital skills next year,” Dennis said.