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by Danique Geskus | Nov 8, 2023

What is a new-style performance appraisal?

The performance appraisal is an integral part of a traditional appraisal cycle that often consists even more of a plan and appraisal interview. This involves setting goals at the beginning of the year, evaluating them mid-year in a performance review, and assessing them at the end of the year. The performance appraisal is a conversation between the manager and employee. A good performance review discusses the employee’s performance, his or her development, job satisfaction and, for example, opportunities for advancement. An important difference compared to the performance appraisal is that the performance appraisal also addresses the future and assumes two-way communication. In other words, it not only evaluates but also looks ahead. Rather get started right away with the “performance appraisal new style” template? Download it here and start preparing right away!


The new assessment

In recent years, newspapers were regularly filled with texts such as, “Abolish the performance review.” Many organizations view a performance review as a must and of little added value.

Some research findings:

  • 90% of HR managers report that the performance and appraisal interview lacks qualitative information.
  • 95% of managers report dissatisfaction with annual interview cycle

Therefore, in recent years, several companies chose to do away with the conversation altogether. Many of those companies have since come back from that. Why doing away with the performance review is a bad idea read this blog.

A better development is to look at why the performance review does not achieve the intended result: “making employees function better,” and then revamp the review. One of the popular methods for revamping the interview cycle is “The New Appraisal. With the new appraisal, the manager and employee are in an ongoing conversation about goals, development and career. Thus, there is no longer any insistence on plan, performance and assessment interviews. Instead, an ongoing dialogue takes place. Want to know more about the new assessment? Read about it in our blog.
From Learned, we also advise our clients to strive for continuous dialogue. By engaging with your employees on an ongoing basis as a manager, we see that employees are more aware of how they can contribute to the organization and are more actively engaged in their development. However, the step from a traditional interview cycle to an ongoing dialogue is too big for many companies in practice.

A first step toward continuous dialogue may be to revamp the existing performance appraisal for a new-style performance appraisal. The existing interview cycle can thus be left in place and focus can first be placed on improving the existing contact moments.

Learned platform UI, example of performance expectation

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Performance appraisal form new style

Renewing the performance appraisal can be done in several ways. We describe here the improvements most commonly used.

1. 360° feedback

One of the most important developments is the addition of 360° feedback. This provides a complete picture that allows the manager to make a more informed and measured evaluation. It also creates new insights for both the employee and the manager.


2. Looking Ahead
A second development is the addition of questions focused on the future. Evaluation is important. However, only lessons can be learned from this. By also adding questions focused on the future, the conversation becomes more action-oriented. We have incorporated this way of asking questions into the performance appraisal form below.


3. Conversation topics
As a third opportunity for improvement, we see expanding the topics of conversation. Below is a link to a template with +25 questions for the new style performance appraisal. Want the full form and all the sample questions? Then download the free template.

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