How IFS Ultimo organizes a truly objective evaluation and provides transparent development areas


IFS Ultimo is a SaaS EAM solution from IFS, focused on maintenance & security and known for fast implementation, ease of use and unmatched time-to-value.


The Netherlands


Asset management software

Company size

201-500 Medewerkers

The challenges

IFS Ultimo, specialist in Enterprise Asset Management Software, knocked on Learned’s door in 2020 with the goal: professionalization and digitization in performance management. At the time, the performance process was still done on paper and there was a need for a tooling that provides a clear understanding of performance data and the development areas for the employee.

“We needed more efficiency and transparency in this process. That is why we were looking for a system that gives us clear insight into the performance and development progress of our employees and where we can make good analyses based on objective data,” says Fleur (HR Business Partner, IFS Ultimo).


The solution

That’s how IFS Ultimo came to Learned.

“In addition to a performance and feedback cycle, we also wanted insight into how employees relate within the skills and competencies of their current position, or with a position they aspire to. To facilitate our colleagues in this, everyone was provided with a job profile with skills and competencies, with underlying behavioral examples. This is then an integral part of the interview cycle. There are three formal conversations per year to discuss both learning objectives and business goals, performance on competencies and the seven core values of IFS Ultimo. These components contribute to three defined KPIs for measuring competency levels, employee performance and potential. This objective data is valuable in making choices about what we will invest in as an organization. It also provides insight into whether what we have invested in is paying off,” says Fleur.


The results

Meanwhile, IFS Ultimo has been working with Learned for several years, the platform is used very widely and very nice results have been achieved.

“Learned gives us full insight into performance and development at the organizational, team and individual level. We experience the entire process, professionalism and communication with Learned as accessible and easy,” says Fleur.

IFs Ultimo uses the resulting data from the assessment cycle to initiate various processes and choices.

“We start by plotting a 9-grid in Learned. This 9-grid gives us insights at the organizational, team, and person level. This gives us a sharp picture of where all employees are currently in their development, and who our talents and high potentials are. This provides objective input for constructive discussions between HR and managers about the development plans and career paths employees should follow. In addition, the data from Learned helps enable us to award salary adjustments as objectively as possible. You want everyone to be judged on equal standards. The information and analyses that we can extract from Learned give us more tools to look more objectively at the entire performance of the employee,” says Fleur.


To conclude

After a few years of Learned in which multiple performance reviews were successfully completed, IFS Ultimo is also seeing a nice increase in their employees’ overall performance scores.

“In short, if you, as an organization, really want to get serious about performance, and talent management, we highly recommend Learned,” says Fleur.