Keep remote teams productive and engaged

Create a growth culture, in the office or remotely. Prevent employees from losing connection with your mission. Support managers to keep their team (remotely) productive and engaged. 

Manage remote teams

Invest in digital leadership

Keeping teams involved at a distance is a challenge and requires investment in technology and new ways of working, but it also offers opportunities.

Remote work is here to stay

Before the Covid pandemic, 44% percent of the Dutch working population already worked from home one day a week. This trend is expected to continue.

Attract top talent

The ability to work from home was mentioned by 80% of the candidates as an important selection factor for a new job.

Manage remote teams

Help your managers become a digital leader

Technology can help managers in their role as digital leaders. is an easy-to-use platform that helps companies make their teams more productive and engaged wherever they work. View the functionalities below that help you with this.

Support managers to have better 1-1 conversations

Guarantee the employee’s involvement, also when working from home. Help all managers maintain constructive 1-1 conversations on a frequent basis. Use handy templates and, as HR, keep an overview. 

Manage remote teams
Manage remote teams

Guide managers to steer on output

Support managers in the transition to output-driven management. Help managers to focus on goals instead of ‘time’. Use Learned to record goals per employee and ensure the follow-up of the goals in 1-1 conversations.

Help managers provide constructive feedback

Prevent managers from ‘saving’ feedback, especially when working from home. Employees continue to have a need for appreciation and feedback. Easily facilitate the digital exchange of feedback.

Manage remote teams

How Compagnon digitally guides its placed professionals with Learned

“He knew I was looking for a talent management platform. His assessment was correct, it was exactly what I was looking for for the employees of Compagnon. ”
L&D Compagnon


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Improve performance
Increase engagement
Future-proof your workforce

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Experience for yourself how you can create a better Talent experience with the Learned platform.

Performance management

Renew and digitise your performance management.

Remote teams

Help managers to keep their remote teams productive and engaged


Integrate effortlessly with the tools you already use

Career paths

Keep top performers challenged and prevent them from leaving.

Strategic skill management

Measure the skills of your workforce. Know if you are ready for the future.